Monday, May 19, 2008

Magnolia's Choco Chip Cookie Dough

It is Magnolia... and it is limited. So you better get a tub for yourself before it's too late! How can you resist vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls... cookie dough... and lots of choco bits! You just can't!

It comes in a tub with a cool fun design.

The blend of the textures and flavors are perfect. Creamy... chocolatey... chewy... with just the right amount of sweetness... we loved this!

It is the Magnolia goodness I have always known and grew up with.


  1. ate sarap ba talaga? di pa kasi ako nakakatikim ng ice cream na may kasamang cookie dough.

  2. nagustuhan namin ni Mon eh... it is not too creamy, and not too sweet... tapos yung cookie dough, parang chunks of chewy buttercookies... hindi sha overwhelming sa dami. pakonti konti lang so oks lang with me. ang nagustuhan ko more is the choco chips... the same old choco chips ng magnolia nung araw, i swear.

    mas gusto ko ito than my other icecream blog entry ng selecta na may Brownie Fudge... ;-)

    i hope youll like it too...

  3. nice din ang containers niya.may drawing.

  4. Gita! long time no visit from me. LOL. was sooo busy that i never got around to visit your site as often as before. anyway, nakita ko nga itong ice cream na 'to when i was at the supermarket. i was kind of iffy kasi baka masyadong matamis but now that you mentioned that it has the right sweetness, i'll try this one out. :-)

    salamat and ingats!

  5. Can't wait to try! Even the packaging is so cute.

  6. photowalker, certified yummy sha. promise. i like that it is not too sweet.

    joy, yea, im using the tub now sa kitchen. cool drawings no!

    tipidmealshey! long time no-hear nga! hehehe.. i always visit your blog. sarap dun eh.
    anyway, sana magustuhan nyo din itong flavor... we liked it more than my selecta entry.

    sofia, do try it. let me know if you liked it it too. i hope you will. ;-)