Monday, May 5, 2008

Selecta's Brownie Fudge A La Mode

It is still summer, and ice cream is still one of the most delicious ways to cool off on a scorching hot day.

I was hoping to get the Hazelnut flavor today but there was no stock so I settled for this.

Though I am not exactly jumping up and down over this flavor, it was still good.

I still couldn't settle for just one cupful.


  1. ganda ng mga kuha Gitz, it is so inviting (ill have two spoons lang...lactose intol)

    Bong said WOW!!!!!

  2. photowalker, try the Hazelnut na lang before this.. mas masarap yun.. will blog it soon too.

    joy, sarap sha.. pero mas like namin ang Hazelnut nila... thanks.. glad you like the shots.
    sayang, lactose intol ka pala... dibale, two spoons is better than none... ;-)

  3. It's been sometime since I had selecta. The last time I went to their plant and enjoyed a pint of durian ice cream.

  4. wyatt, this one is good. but their hazelnut creation is way better. it wasnt in stock nga lang when i bought so i settled for this.
    durian ice cream? havent tried this.. i prefer the fresh fruit to the ice cream eh. ;-)