Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is Tesoro's, the home of the barong tagalog. This is where we go to for our pinya and jusi needs here in the city.

It has a wide array of ready-to-wear gowns for women, barong tagalogs for men (and now, also designed for women) and much much more!

If a ready-to-wear apparel isn't for you, simply choose from among their wide selection of native fabrics and have it tailor-made to suit the style you want.

The store also offers other Philippine-made products that we should all be very proud of.

Tesoro's... through the years, still standing tall and proud... proudly Filipino.


  1. I think Patis Tesoro will have an exhibit at the MetMuseuum in Pasay this coming days.

  2. traveler on foot, thanks for the info. accdg to the modista in Tesoro's in Malate, Patis is the daughter in law of the most famous Tesoro. She has a different shop in Makati.

  3. Hello, Just came upon your blog--enjoyed it and I'll visit often!
    This seems like such a nice place. Do you know if they have a similar branch in Cebu?