Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tropical Hut

I always thought that it used to be just a burger chain. Then I read somewhere that before it even became one, it used to be a grocery store way back in the 60's, making it one of the oldest, if not the oldest burger chains in the country.

And now, it is not just about burgers anymore.

The delightful burgers will always be there... those patties that made them famous.... now in many different styles and topped with all kinds of veggies and sauces!

Their underrated spaghetti is one of my favorites. Timplang pinoy... sweet and topped with hotdog bits, just the way the kids want it.

Experience their burger patties with rice presented a la burger steak.

Choose from other rice dishes on the menu...

The Spring Chicken was Kokoro's instant favorite! It is mine too! Suprisingly good and cooked really well, through and through. Sarap to the bones din....

The fruit salad for dessert is pretty good too. They didn't scrimp on the cream, the fruit bits are chunky enough, and it is not too sweet. End your meal with a gulp of an iced soda to complete your lunch.

Tropical Hut is pinoy na pinoy... Atin to.


  1. I love the spring chicken from Tropical Hut, too.

  2. gay, sarap diba? cooked just right. hindi dry... love ko din the ketchup that comes with it. iba sha sa ketchup ng burger nila.
    medyo the price has gone up nga lang considerably since. pero ok lang. sarap pa din diba.

  3. is this the branch outside BF? did they open new brnches ba lately? tropical hut brings back memories of late night OT when i was still working in makati, especially their greenbelt branch where we usually ate..

  4. I love their burgers too!! The patty ain't paper-thin unlike other fasfood chains.. and they're really beefy & juicy :D My fave is the Ranchero Burger (plus their fries). Love the spaghetti with toast too, and the clubhouse sandwich (although i don't usually share it pag kumakain ako kasi di ko nauubos yung sandwich) :D

    Good thing there's a Pque branch near my place! Hope they can have more branches ulit.

  5. marbes, this branch is in a small mall here in FTI, Taguig, Sunshine Mall. we always take our one our lunch there. and always at Tropical. ;)

    u8mypinkcookies, i agree. their burgers are very juicy and tasty no!
    yea, me too, i love their spaghetti. and believe it or not, i love their toasted bread too! must be the butter they use. kaya lang, they took the toast away from the meal. so i now order it as an add-on.
    try their fruit salad. you might like it too. i do. ;)

  6. will go have a burger tomorrow.
    thanks to your post :D

  7. ok i'll try the salad next time :D na-miss ko tuloy bigla! may delivery ba sila? free ba or may charge din? :) buti nga 24 hours sila e!

    @marbes, the BF branch is still open! :D

  8. u8mypinkcookies, im pretty sure they do deliver. di ko lang alam ang minimum amount. most naman dont have deliv charge diba.
    i really have to check out BF Homes pag ayos na ang service road namin. mukang ang daming foodtrips dun.. kainggit kayo!

  9. super daming food trip talaga! hehe... di ka na lalayo e. super near ng restos :D

  10. Tropical Hut has been around for a while!
    The one on Quezon Blvd. in Q.C. was a favorite hangout and also a cool place to take my dates for the burgers and soda when I was a little low on cash!Their burgers where the best then.

  11. Gita, eto ang burger na kinagisnan ko...acquired taste. I remember when in the 70's my dad & mom used to bring me to Tropical Hut at the intersection of Ortigas and EDSA whenever we visit my uncle who was a Bishop at the Cathedral in St. Lukes.
    Another burger with the same taste as Tropical Hut is the one at the kiosk at the departure area of NAIA Terminal I. This is in the middle portion together with the DFP shops. Try it!

  12. u8mypinkcookies, sige, i will talaga. soon. malay mo, magkita pa tayo diba! ;)

    noypetes, yea, one of the longest running burger chains diba. na talagang pinoy na pinoy. glad it is still around til now.

    dinno, thanks for passing by. yea, we all know that Tropical along edsa cor. ortigas. it was a landmark then diba?!! sad nga that they had to tear it down.
    i havent tried that burger sa NAIA... will try to check it out when we can.

  13. I like Tropical Hut burgers, reminds you of years gone by. Unfortunately, quality is still so-so after so many years and seems like burger patty is getting smaller all the time...


  14. Ryan, yea, i noticed that too. though the original taste is still there, the patties are shrinking by the day... lalo na sa burger steak... sayang if they wont make improvements no...

  15. the patties are shrinking na rin?! waaaah... kaya ko gusto TH kasi big & juicy patties nila. haay :( sana di naman bumaba quality ng food nila.