Monday, June 30, 2008

Lapid's Achara

This is one of the best acharas I have ever tried. I have bought and tried other brands (since I don't know how to cook it) and so far, this is the brand I keep coming back to.

Sweet-sour... pickled with just the right amount of bite into it... has pepper strips, onions and julienned carrots...

My adobo is never complete without Lapid's Achara. It makes my adobo taste even more delicious. As they say, it is "Nakakagana".

Lapid's is not just a chicharon brand for me now.


  1. I'm going to try that atsara the first time I get a chance. Thanks for the tip. I've been using sauerkrauts as a substitute and it is not in the same league LOL.

  2. Hi Gita,
    love your space. saw it from my sister's site. just started my blog, i hope mine would be interesting as well. nakakagutom ang mga food pictures mo! ingat.

  3. bertn, yea, hope you find it. nothing beats our original pampagana on the side. hahaha...

  4. herbs makes the difference!, thanks so much. feel free to drop by anytime. and yes, you do have an interesting blog too! more power!

  5. Nuong buhay binata pa ako sa Maynila, Lapid Meat Shop ang takbuhan ko para sa mga ulam ko sa bahay. They used to sell the best longganisa, Tapa, tocino at iba pang mga Pampanga delicacies!

    Kamusta na Gita?

  6. noypetes, yes, sabi din ni hubby ko, Lapid Meat Shop in Sampaloc sold lots of processed meat products, hindi lang yung famous chicharon nila.. sarap nga daw tocino nila. wala na ata ngayon no?
    mon and i are good, thank you for asking. ikaw, musta na ang mga trips ninyo? saw the movie of John Travolta na Wild Hogs..cant help but get reminded of you... not in the funny way ha. kainggit kasi the bike rides seem to be so much fun! regards to your family and friends ha...

  7. tutubi philipines, korek... adobo is not the same without atchara... hehehe...