Monday, August 4, 2008

TOSH Revisited

My first visit to TOSH went very well. So it's not surprising that a follow up visit was bound to happen. My mother in law and I had lunch at TOSH in Robinson's Otis last month and I was excited to try the other items on the menu. Though the place is quite small, it has the same TOSH feel to it.

The salad and the soup....
The clam chowder was alright. Nothing special, Just alright.... so was the Ceasar's salad with grilled chicken. I wasn't really jumping up and down. I guess the serving was just too konti. It was a bit bitin for me. Plus, i think the add-on grilled chicken in the Ceasar's was sliced too thinly.

We had the Fish Fillet Amandine with lemon butter and almond sauce served with garlic rice and nachos on the side. I was never a fan of lemon thus ordering this didnt turn out to be such a good idea. Next time, I really would stick with the pasta dishes. Afterall, it is a pasta place.


  1. it's been a while since the last time we dined at TOSH..

  2. doc, ganda ng kuha mo with the salad, mukang masarap. but then, sabi mo stick with the pasta eh! LOL

  3. u8mypinkcookies, so far, mas impressed ata ako sa desserts nila than their main dishes.. or maybe it is because i havent been ordering the right items on the menu... maybe next time... ;-)

    syel, mas masarap pa kasi ang homemade salad ko kesa dun... hindi tipid... hindi bitin. ill try to post it one time. pag sinipag ako gumawa.
    and next time kung may next time pa sa TOSH, pasta na talaga ang oorderin ko. ;-)

  4. napapadalas nga kami dito lately..

    so far, yung madalas namin order roast beef rice meal, pesto w/ grilled chicken, or arabiatta! i wanna try the seafood marinara or gamabsetti soon.. sabi kasi okay daw! recently tried yung spaghetti w/ seared salmon in pepperonata sauce nila-- masarap.. lenten special ata nila yun! :D

  5. biancs, i hope to try them out soon. for me, top on my list ang pesto nila.. with or without chicken.