Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I used to frequent this place decades ago when it was in its old location in the old Magallanes complex. Its burgers and its roast beef dishes have been the family's favorite. And ever since it moved to its new site in the "new" Magallanes complex, I haven't been back.... until last month.

the interiors have changed...

the prices have soared...

.... but the tender and juicy beefy goodness has stayed pretty much the same...

... the serving is big enough for a full meal... bite after bite of that beefy flavor leaves me craving for more...

There will be more trips for sure. And there are now lots more to try on their menu... But if you ask me, I'd stick with anything on the menu that has roastbeef in it.


  1. Wow a gastronomic feast! Thisis the reason why I always visit your blog Doc. Nabubusog ang mga mata ko heheheh!

  2. juicy...

    ang ganda ng pictures mo Gitz.

    kuhang-kuha pati ang taba (my favorite) and the sauce.

    di pa ako nakakain dito.

    btw, san yong magallanes complex? lapit lang sa magallanes station (MRT) or iba rin?

  3. wow sabi nga nila masarap roast beef dyan.. waaah ang sad, di ko pa na-try!

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing! This is so near our place, so we'd really like to go! Thanks!

  5. oh wow, those were the days... i guess it's time to re-visit... thanks for the reminder... :)

  6. I often see Dayrit's in Paseo de Magallanes but I haven't tried it. Thanks for sharing your dining experience. I'll check this out soon. :-)

  7. we tried this last night! yummy!!!!;) thanks. wasn't able to get pictures though. shucks. next time!

  8. Dennis, thanks for dropping by again. Dont worry, more foodstuff to come. I never tire din of taking photos of food... and more.

    turtle, thanks. ako din, love those thin taba excesses sa beef.... hehehe.. bad!
    yea, right by the MRT station nga yata...
    pero the stretch ng Magallanes complex is the side right along the South Super Highway... so walk a bit pa from EDSA.

    u8mypinkcookies, try mo to visit. magugustuhan mo. very filling and very yummy...

    shalum, uy, happy naman ako na you liked it. im sure may next time pa yan... next time na lang ang pictures. ;-)

    mikky, tripping back in time ba... ;-) they used to have a branch din along buendia in makati. im not sure lang kung operational pa din...

    dyosa, you live in the south din pala?
    yea, do try this. but stick to the roastbeef ha... it's their bestseller...
    the burger is good too pero mas like ko ang RB eh. ;-)

  9. mukha nga sya yummy.. esp. the roast beef sandwich! ginugutom mo ko sis e. lol :D

  10. u8mypinkcookies, basta if youll go, pick the ones with roastbeef sa menu. not much the burger.
    anyway, para maiba naman, my next blog wouldnt be too kagutom.... soon. hehehe...

  11. super dooper laki ng mga burgers nila.. parang pang isang araw na.. ^_^

  12. mimi, correct! medyo pricey nga, pero sulit naman sa size and taste. hindi lugi. unlike my latest blog entry on Burger King. hehehe... i dont think BK will like me anymore. ;-)

  13. sige sis, i'll try those pag nagpunta kami. i'll take your word for it :D

  14. u8mypinkcookies, ninerbyos naman ako.. pressured na magustuhan mo.. hehehe.. sana hindi ako mapahiya... :-)
    let me know ha..

  15. katuwa naman roast beef...ayan makapagsubway nga tuloy! lol

  16. u8mypinkcookies, :-) sana makabawi naman ako sa dami ng mga narecommend mo na sa akin. ;-)

    giz, mas masarap ang local roast beef timpla kesa subway... kaya pagnagbakashon kayo dito, visit Dayrits ha... ;-) meet you there! ;-)

  17. HAHA, no worries!

    speaking of subway's roast beef, na-disappoint ako last week nung nag-order ako nun.. ang tigas e.. :-\

  18. u8mypinkcookies, mas ok ang pinoy! ;-)

  19. hehe.. try mo din Roast Beef w/ mushroom sauce rice meal sa The Old Spaghetti House.. sarap din! and Php160 lang sya.

  20. biancs, i love tosh! ill definitely try the RB with mushroom sauce next time. thanks.