Sunday, December 7, 2008

Burger King

It has been quite a while since Mon and I visited Burger King. And when we passed by their Mall of Asia branch one Friday, we decided to dine in, hoping for a good eat.
The interior was bright and inviting. I was glad to see that the tables weren't crowded and the whole area wasn't cramped. There were a lot of wi-fi users seated in the farthest tables enjoying their meal and techie time.

And so we ordered... we were disappointed to find out that they don't offer bottomless drinks anymore. We used to choose BK over the rest of the burger chains precisely because of this offer.
And then our food came.....

Mon had the Whopper Jr. meal while I had the Cheese Burger with Bacon meal. And after having just visited Dayrit's before this, I would say BK let us down this time.

For the price, the burger looked so small... I couldn't find a good angle to shoot at it to show the patty itself... then, the presentation was so poor that the "palaman" looked so sloppily layered... not very appetizing, as you can see.

Finally, the taste... we used to love its grilled taste and juiciness., but there just wasn't much in it. To me, there was nothing special. I don't mind paying much for food as long as I get my money's worth.

Gee, their wi-fi was free but I couldn't get it to work with my Palm! Oh well...


  1. tagal ko rin di nakapag-BK.. then 2 weeks ago we decided to go there for a change. okay pala fries nila! sa burger naman, okay ana yung swiss mushroom burger nila pero like your comment, nag-shrink na talaga sya and di na ganun ka-sulit for the price.

  2. ay, wala na pala bottom less drinks sa BK.

  3. u8mypinkcookies, kami naman, we like their onion rings... and yes, the swiss mushroom burger din...
    dapat pala yun na lang ang inorder ko...

  4. turtle, im not sure sa ibang branch. pero sa MOA, sure ako na wala nang bottomless...
    and yes, mukang tipid na din.. liit liit ng burger tapos ang sloppy pa ng pagkagawa.. tabi tabingi.. ka bad trip... so not worth the trip..

    we used to frequent yung BK along ERod... meron pa dun diba? sana may okay ang sandwiches dun....

    pwede din tayo dun magkita, joy... soon... hehehe...

  5. un binabalik balikan ko lang don un onion rings.. ^_^ naaliw ako..

  6. i don't eat onion rings kasi kaya never tried them. :P

    are their pies good? parang meron sila nung hershey's and butterfinger pie e. na-curious lang ako if masarap kaya?

  7. Recession na kasi kaya ganyan, maliit na servings. :)

  8. hay, lahat lumiliit. it's been a while since i've had burger from BK, sa jakarta pa ata ung last. dun, anlaki ng patties! one of my fave pa naman ang whopper jr because of the patties!

  9. it's been years too since the last time we went to BK... because looking from the outside of their shops, you can sense that something has really changed, and not for the better... :(

  10. mimi, buti na lang pala at ok still ang onion rings nila..

    u8mypinkcookies, ive never tried their desserts eh...
    try the onion rings... the onion taste kasi isnt overpowering.. try it with a friend, para pag din mo nagustuhan, may uubos. ;-)

    erica, hahaha.. oo nga ano. nahawa sa economic crunch!

    syel, parang pati taste nga nag iba eh.. not just the size... sayang...

    mikky, sayang diba.. theyre doing great pa naman...

  11. HAHA.. i never liked onions kasi even on my sandwiches or any dish.. :P

  12. Wow Whopper, my favorite sinful burger hehehe...

  13. they have a new product ata.. the spicy whopper jr.

    i wanna try it.

  14. u8mypinkcookies, spicy whopper jr. sounds good a... ma-try nga...

    dennis, yummy naman sha pa din, lumiit nga lang. and pricier at that... :-(

  15. yeah parang masarap nga! haven't been to BK lately.. kasi naman konti ng branches, hehe.

  16. biancs, we dont frequent BK... not in the top of our list eh. the only reason i go is for their wifi... net adik eh.