Friday, May 27, 2011

Gap Blue: Thanks, BFF!


My dearest friend came back from a month's trip this summer with her hubby and kids and she got me this pretty pasalubong I'm so excited to use.

Thanks, BFF!

I love pasalubongs. It doesn't really matter whether it was the cheapest item on the shelf, or that it was on sale or that it was the only little thing they can afford. It is in knowing that that there was that very moment when you were remembered that makes pasalubongs truly special. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.


  1. You're blessed to have a thoughtful and generous BFF ate Gita. Nicely styled photo by the way! :)

  2. Madz, oh yes, Madz. and that's not just because of pasalubongs, hahaha... aren't we all blessed with friends that make our journey thru live a lot more fun! ;)