Saturday, May 14, 2011

Twistix Potato

It is potato with a twist; literally, that is. :))

We were going to watch Thor at Market Market the other day and I went around the mall looking for a snack to bring with us inside the moviehouse.
I saw this Twistix Potato booth and got interested with the way the potato snack is presented.

Huge potatoes are sliced thinly in a corkscrew fashion like so, skewered and deep fried to a perfect crunch.



The potatoes sit for a while and are allowed to drip off excess oils; then they get the final touch... powdered flavor gets drizzled over them.
I can't wait for our next movie date if only to get another helping of Twistix Potato.


  1. i still have yet to try that. meron nyan dito from the kiosk of korean snacks lagi lang ako distracted ng chicken nuggets nila or ng bbq! :D

  2. ehehehe, syel, mas masarap kasi ang nuggets and bbq... :))
    pero try mo din ito. nakakaaliw lang kasi ang presentation. parang corkscrew talaga yung potato!
    i wonder kung may ibang ingredients dyan na ginagamit. dito, powdered flavoring lang like Potato Corner. pero less salty than PC.

  3. hi can request for a 2-3 flavors in one stick :-)...and yes it is less oily coz were using vegetabe oil...and it will remain crispy for 2-3 days..try it :-)...benz-franchisee

  4. gita hi, sorry i chanced this blog of may request next time to put in 2-3 flavors to enjoy it better....and yes it is less oily coz were using vegetable oil...and we deep fried it and will retain its crispy-ness for 2-3 days! try it :-).... benjie - franchisee

  5. hi, benjie! thank you so much for dropping by my blog and taking time out to share that bit if tip about putting in 3 flavors in one stick. ill definitely try it again! :)

    that booth in market market is your franchise? well, you have a great server. he is a very friendly guy. and works very fast. and need i say that he is very gracious! :))