Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watson's Lip Ice Lip Conditioner

A dear friend recommended this. And I am glad I listened to her.

I have always believed that not all good things are expensive. And this just proves it. It is very affordable at 145php; and does what it promises to. Conditions the lips and gives 'em a sheer pink tint.

It is just the right size for me. I want lip glosses small and compact so I could have a fresh new tube all the time. Big tubes take too long to use up and the wax just doesn't feel, taste nor smell nice anymore after a while.
I just wish it had spf properties.


  1. this is my HG lip balm, i love how it makes my lips turn pink~

  2. Kitten, it does the job for that no-make up look no? and i love the price. ;)

  3. Haha!!! Good buy no? Ayos talaga. I use mine a lot, I may need another one for back-up.

  4. minds, alam mo, it is very similar to the lip balm i used to buy din sa watsons. white wax din that turns pink. na sad nga ako when it got phased out eh.
    sana nga lang this one had spf properties no? that old one did eh.

    but hey, for the price, how can i complain diba!

  5. nice talaga ate? i wanna try this out. I am not into lipbalm e.. sticky e, but we need it sometimes esp if dry na lips mo..thanks for the recom :)

  6. the price is a winner! hehehe.

  7. yes, sis Mhiz! nice sha. hindi sha parang mantika/oil on the lips. nakaka moist and nakaka soft sha talaga ng lips.

  8. Mas maganda pa rin yung Maybeline Color Changing Lip Balm. Less than 100 pesos and may spf properties. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! will check that out next time! yey!