Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gilbey's Premium Strength

Just like Tanduay Ice, I tried a bottle of Gilbey's Premium Strength with Green Tea Extract for blogging's sake. I have read raves about these two drinks that I had to taste them for myself.

I loved the fizz it made when I poured it over ice cubes!

But even at only 7% alcohol content, this mix is already quite strong for me. I would have wanted it a bit more citrusy, more sweet. Well, I don't really drink. So I think my opinion doesn't really matter.


  1. It has a higher percentage of alcohol than beer pala.

  2. bertN, i see! i didnt even know. kaya siguro lakas ng tama sa akin when i finished one bottle... hindi pa naman me marunong uminom talaga. LOL! i only tried it so i could blog it! hahaha...

  3. Still haven't tried this. Parating Tanduay Ice lang ako kung hindi beer. Hehe. I'll probably try this in the weekend. :)

  4. cedric, try it. although personally, mas masarap pa din talaga si Tanduay Ice... isa lang orderin mo nito.. baka hindi mo magustuhan, hehehe...
    thanks for dropping by...

  5. I tried this once, di na ako umulit! Hehe, for alcohol drinkers this is only mild tasting though, sabi nga ni BF parang juice lang, oh well :)

  6. Madz, mild for them, pero lakas ng tama for us no! i dont drink din, kaya di ako pwede maging resource person when it comes to alc beverages, hehehe... pero sure ako na may tama ito and Tanduay Ice kahit mild lang sila for others. mas masarap nga lang ang TI. ;)