Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goldilocks Beef Lasagna

Goldilocks is defnitely not just about cakes now. Its menu offers a lot of choices from pastas to rice meals and other desserts!
Goldilocks LasagnaGoldilocks Lasagna

And for only P60++, you get small tray of warm, filling and tasty lasagna that is good for one. Definitely a great deal, if you ask me. It may not be the best lasagna in town, but it isn't bad at all. It even comes with a goldilocks bread roll.
Goldilocks Lasagna
Maybe I'll try their Baked Macaroni next time.


  1. YUM!

    I like their dinuguan~

  2. i didn't know goldilocks has lasagna on their menu. i was just there yesterday for some polvoron. hm, will try their lasagna soon. =)

  3. Kitten, ill try nga their famous dinuguan next time. im sure it's way better than red ribbon's. ;)

  4. hi, nuna. do try it. it may not be the best in town, pero it is good enough for a quick fix. besides, it's goldilocks. :)

  5. didn't know they have this. i always go there for the cakes/ pastries. rarely do i check our their food menu.

  6. pinkcookies, i didnt konw that either. i went to the store to get us a half choco roll and saw this on their menu board. i tried lang and it wasnt bad naman. great snack na din.