Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie Night: Transformers 3

Terminator 3
Hubby and I treated ourselves to a movie night of pure entertainment by watching Transformers 3. The computer graphics now keeps getting better and better; it is so hard to suspend your sense of reality while watching the movie because everything seems so true and alive! I didn't care about the story... I didn't care about the reason or logic behind it. For as long as it was packed with entertainment value, which is how a movie with robots romping around the city should be, we were happy with it! To those who are still going to watch, relax and just have fun with it. Feast your eyes, not your brains!


  1. ang nag date dito daughter and husband ko. i was left with our baby, wawa naman kami, we couldn't go the movies. hehe! :)

  2. Hello doc! I missed your posts - since you ended your Project 365 blog, I missed reading your posts. I am glad I saw this other blog again!

  3. dibale, entrepgirl, soon, apat na kayo mag momoovies! soon! :) konting hintay na lang.

    hi, J! thanks for visiting. and do keep in touch. i added you up na din sa bloglist ko. thanks!