Thursday, January 31, 2013


I will be forever grateful to  dear friend,   Nina,   for telling me where I'd find the best takoyaki in the Metro! 
Hana is one of the restaurants in Makati's Little Tokyo.   Bright,  cheery and cozy,  it is easy to get comfortable there.  Oh,  and about their takoyaki balls?   Let me just say that Nina was spot-on.  Definitely the best I have tried.
IMG_4726 IMG_4728 
Watch the art of making takoyaki balls right before your eyes.
 IMG_4729 IMG_4730 IMG_4731 
 Authentic,   freshly made,  and need I say delicious?!!!   These balls are to die for.IMG_4737


  1. Replies
    1. The last time we were there, twas around php95, I think. Have not been back lately. Pero sis, super sulit if you love Japanese food, lalo na. These ball are big. And ang dami. And really authentic. THe one who prepared our takoyakis was a japanese guy talaga. Explore the entire Little Tokyo. Restaurant gems yung mga dining places dun, I promise you.

    2. try Yamazaki(?), the snack bar inside the jap grocery. sarap ng ramen. mura pa.

    3. Sis, na try na namin sa Yamazaki. It was the first dining place we tried sa Little Tokyo actually. Naku, sarap nga dun! Reasonable pa ang price. So far, happy kami sa mga na try na namin sa LT. Coming soon sa blog ang Kagura. Yummy din dun! Sorry, long overdue na talaga ang mag ibang posts. Years ago pa kmai nag visit, ngayon lang naipost. ;)