Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goldilocks Leche Flan

Classic never goes out of style. Even in food. And sometimes, they get even better with time, just like Goldilocks Leche Flan.
I recently had this at a friend's place and found it much creamier and less sweet than it was,   just the way I   want my leche flan.      And it seemed to have lost that tinge of lemony flavoring, for which I am ecstatic about.   I have always hated lemon flavor in any leche flan.
  But please, Goldilocks, can you pack this in a non-drip, non-messy tray to avoid spills and clean ups. That cover just isn't tight enough. The rim of the tray and the bottom of the box was all sticky and gooey when I got home to open it.


  1. Ay oo nga! Cathedral Windows is another family favorite! Lalo na my Dad's!