Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bagoong Club Resto

It was our first time to try out Bagoong Club Resto in Quezon City, somewhere near Tomas Morato.


Located in a residential area along Scout Dr. Lazcano, it is not surprising that the entire restaurant must have been an old house and was just converted into this cozy restaurant.


We tried their Bagoong Sampler which was served with strips of singkamas. Three kinds of bagoong were served and the sweet type always wins my vote. IMG_2969

For sopas, we ordered the Sinampalukang Manok.IMG_2971

Our salad of choice was their Ensaladang Bagnet. A bit disappointing, though, since there were only a few slices of crispy pork which weren't really bagnet slices, I think. But the plating was good.


And as expected, their Traditional Kare Kare was a delight.


I liked their Bagoong Rice. It was well mixed and not too salty nor oily.


Sorry for the blurry shot, but this was the surprise star of the meal... Inihaw na Hito! It was cooked and spiced very well. I am not a hito fan but this was hard not to like!


Bagoong Club is a great place to go to if you want those native dishes, cooked traditionally or with a twist.



  1. WIGGLETOES, alin, the singkamas strips? hindi ko nakunan ng pics... kumain ako ng kumain eh. hahaha, sarap kasi. ;)

  2. The hito looks ohlala! Doc, take me there sometime! :D

  3. Gzel, naku, ohlala talaga sha. and im not even a hito fan ha, pero sarap sha. sige ba! bakashon ka ulit. para kita tayo!

  4. naman!!!! i'm craving for bagoong bigla! have no choice but to buy the bottled ones here.

  5. SYEL, the bottled ones are okay na din. masarap din naman. try to get the Barrio Fiesta brand. sikat yan dito diba.
    ako, i sometimes cook the bottled bagoong ulit. i add a little sugar and pork and vinegar para matimpla ko the way i want. sarap ulit!
    sarap naman kasi bagoong diba. :))