Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HongKong Style Noodles

Whenever I go malling at Market Market, there is always a long line at this Hongkong Style Noodle booth. I have always been curious as to how deelish it is. I finally got my chance last week when, for the first time, the line was short so I didn't waste any time .

The noodles with some toge and leeks are prepared and pre-measured to fit in the tubs. The noodles are then stir-fried until well done and served.

You get two pieces of either pork or beef siomai with your noodles.

And the best part comes last when you get to choose the sauces for your noodles. With six kinds to choose from, it may be quite challenging for some, but daunting for others to mix and match. Me, I was excited at the idea of making the sauce according to my own taste.

At only P27.00 a tub, you get a decent filling meal or snack. No wonder the people line up.

Mon wanted his noodles hot and spicy, I want mine saltysweet... Yum!

Reasonably priced... Delicious... Hot and freshly prepared...


  1. wow ang sarap naman nito!!! isa sa mga reason kung bakit kita namimiss eh, ang mga nakakagutom mong post. hehehe.

    nakakatuwa naman sis, lagi ka sa market! market! eh madalas andun din ako sa grocery.:)

  2. tracy, thanks. na miss ko din actually mag shoot eh. nahaling ako sa theme making. well, i still make themes pero hindi na as gigil as before. so im back here. basta ok ang internet connection. hehe...
    market ka din? ano sked mo? maybe we can meet up one time.. tuesday afternoons ako usually. around 1-3:30. see you? ;-)

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  4. hey sis! fave ko rin 'to! grabe, for 27 pesos, may noodles ka na may siomai pa. ayos diba? minsan lang namali ako ng timpla, naparami soysauce ko hehe, ang alat tuloy!

  5. Interesting. I have to try this.

  6. adam brown, thanks for the link. nice of you to drop by!

    lel, sinabi mo pa! complete snack.. complete meal na.. ako naman, toge ang fave ko sa kanya.. ang bango! hahaha... and yes, ako din, di ko pa ma perfect ang timpla... umalat din minsan when nasobrahan ko ng toyo.. hehehe..

    photowalker, try it. i hope you will like it. pagpasok mo sa mall, find the end of a long line, pihadong papunta sa Hongkong Noodle yan... or.. you can follow the scent of good food!

  7. wow another food post! :D

    looks yummy ha.. parang okay yung chili-garlic sauce, perfect w/ the siomai pa!

  8. u8mypinkcookies, yummy sha sis. and really really cheap. swak for the students' budget! kaya naman, the lines are always long.
    try mo sa market market. the line is shorter. dun ako nakasubok eh. pero dapat magaling ka mag timpla. kasi you pour your own sauce.
    meron din yata sa alabang town. just smell around, youll find your way. ang bango bango nya. hahaha...

  9. i think i would like to try the peanut sauce.

    sa totoo lang gitz, di pa ako nakapunta market market.
    thanks for sharing.:)

  10. penumbra, i have yet to try din the peanut. mukang amsarap na..

    sige, joy, pag nagkita tayo, punta tayo sa market market... ipapasyal kita. ;-) really hoping we could get together soon...