Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hosting a party is no longer scary for those who don't really know how to cook for a big group. (me, included). Well, thanks to CCME, all it takes is just a call and you're party food is all set!

My brother in law arranged this lunch for some balikbayan guests and everyone enjoyed the food while we enjoyed the hosting.

We didn't even lift a finger to prepare any of the dishes since every single one was delivered in these pans, hot and ready.

Chopsuey and Menudo

Fish Fillet and Roast Beef

.... and of course, chicken barbecue!

CCME is definitely a host's new best friend.


  1. good idea Gitz. thanks for sharing.

  2. The food looked yummy! What's the average cost per order home delivered? How far do they make deliveries?

  3. yummy naman tignan nung roast beef and chicken bbq! ;P

  4. Wow, everything looks so good! Nakakagutom!

  5. joy, stress free sha talaga... just a call away.

    bertn, i think it depends on the dish, or the package. per dish, i think it is around 300-600. do check out their website for their menu...

    u8mypinkcookies, theyre my favorites that night, actually.

    nina, sulit naman for the price... and not to forget, it is sweat and hassle-free. just order and thats it! party na!

  6. their menu is great and inexpensive. try the chicken pastel and rellenong bangus....recommended!!! =)

  7. anonymous, the pastel and relleno sound great! will try them next time. TFS...