Monday, June 9, 2008

Luk Yuen

I wasn't expecting to enjoy our lunch at Luk Yuen in Greenhills last week but I did! The last time Mon and I dined there a long time ago, the menu was just limited to congee and some dimsum. So when we went back, I was surprised to see a lot of changes.
Not only did the ambiance get a facelift from the renovation of the interiors, but the menu as well.

Fish fillet with Ham (left) and Beef with Broccoli (right)

Lemon Chicken (left) and Yang Chow Fried Rice (left)

The noodles was my favorite of all... I'll be back for seconds... well at least this Cantonese noodle dish they served with lots of shitakii mushrooms which was so flavorful and delicious! I just have to have this again.


  1. Putting my bookmarks in its proper folders when I saw this url. I found the articles easy to read and the pictures very attractive.

    Keep posting, Will be back often.

  2. My alltime favorite is the shrimp dumpling rice topping.

  3. alam mo bang 25 yrs na pala ang Luk Yuen? i only discovered that last April of this year. i like their roast duck and the chicken steak.

  4. jd cruz, thanks for dropping by. visit anytime. everyone is welcome. ;-) thanks for the kind words...

    em dy, ill try your shrimp dumplings rice toppings next time. im sure there will be one.

    luk yuen, for them to stay that long, i guess theyre cooking something right, right? ;-)

  5. joy, naku try it with bobong. im sure youll like it as much as mon and i did. ;-)
    way better than the photos. hehehe...