Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kia Pride 2000

We searched for months... here and there... test-drove almost a dozen Kia's from Buy and Sell and from all the ads that came our way, but couldn't find that one special IT. that one special second hand Kia pride that would be so worth the price.

Until that Sunday morning we chanced upon this on the Manila Bulletin! I thought we'd never find her! We loved her the moment we laid eyes on her... and when we rode her, I knew she was IT!

I have never seen a second hand car as well maintained as this... everything seemed new and mint.. with only 45,ooo kilometers on its mileage...It was indeed one lucky find. Even our suking mekaniko said so. Yey!

It was time to say goodbye to my old red reliable Kia CD5... and send in my "new" green one. With gas prices going up and crazy traffic everywhere in the Metro, Kia is the car to beat. Easy to drive.. easy to maintain.. and easy on gas! I just love Kia.


  1. wow good find.congrats, gitz and mon.

  2. joy, thanks. we loved it the moment we saw it. love at first sight ba. ;-)

    wyatt, oooops... it is not the real number, sorry. tweaked it a bit with my photo editing software... cant show my real PN... ;-)

  3. I thought this cars were not so good, but after reading your post you made me think otherwise, that this car can be beautiful. Its just a matter of being content with what you have.

    Congratulations on you new car. May you save many pesos driving because of its fuel economy.

  4. Green has always been my fave color. Congrats on your new car!

  5. withonespast, thanks. im happy with it really. i think it is just a matter of really taking care of our cars to make it last and serve us longer... ;-) btw, i think running at 11-12 km to a liter isnt bad, is it!

    thea, thanks. this is my first green car ever... loving it! color and make. ;-)

  6. Enjoy your new found love!! :) Hehehe..

  7. candishhh, this new found love runs at 11-12 kms per liter... im so happy with it! kahit kapos sa porma, it is so tipid on gas naman! super love ko sha...