Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Olay Total Effects

Summer is here. And skin care is at its craziest during this time of the year when the sun and its rays are at their most extreme, giving our faces a heavy beating. Thus, we have to always be equipped with our skincare "gear" if we want to stay protected.

I used to be a Godiva fan because its facial cream and sunblock have worked so well for me. Unfortunately, getting refills and newer stocks have not been very easy as some stores don't carry Godiva products anymore. So, I decided to switch to Olay and give it a try.


The Total Effects line seems to be very promising. I got their night cream with spf protection and their foaming cleanser for starters.

I wish they had trial sized tubes, though. Will Olay work for me as well as Godiva did? Well, I really hope so.


  1. Hope it does work for you! As far as I know medyo pricey rin ang Olay ha. Too bad I can never try OTC brands, my skin always starts acting up.

  2. Madz, you have sensitive skin pala. Hindi nga pwede ang OTC. dapat prescription stuff ang sa yo.
    The 20g pump is the cheapest i could find. pwede na kesa yung almost a thousand bucks, tapos too big.
    i prefer smaller tubes. mas mahal nga lang in the long run, pero at least, laging fresh ang stock mo kasi ubos agad.
    Godiva is still more effective, actually. But olay isnt bad naman.

  3. i used to use Olay, it's quite good kaya daw muka pa din akong bagets! lol! but i've switched to Neutrogena for now. i might go back to Olay. :)

  4. SYEL, naku, eh bata ka pa naman talaga, no! young and fresh no! ;)
    neutrogena is a very good brand din. i love their facial wash! yung nasa tube. i tried olay tota effects na foam wash, pero i think ill go back to neutrogena. mas hiyang ko eh. but i might stick with the night cream. okay naman sha. :)

  5. Olay Total Effects is very expensive here than in Thailand. I bought mine in Thailand, and nung naubos I checked it out here. Decided not to buy kasi nga more than 100 pesos ang difference! Wait na lang pag lipat ko doon.

  6. wow, gay, swerte mo naman, less pricey pala ang Olay sa thailand!