Monday, April 18, 2011

Tanduay Ice Alcomix

I don't drink. It is always soda or iced tea for me at parties or nights-out with friends and family. , nothing alcoholic. But I was willing to try Tanduay Ice which a dear friend of mine said I might like because it tastes sweet and fresh.

At 5% alcohol content, I felt safe and comfortable.

So I prepared my photoshoot with an ice-filled glass and a bottle of Tanduay which comes single-served in a long-necked 330 ml bottle. It gives that fizz when poured and it felt like pouring Sprite or 7-Up! And guess what, it had that sweet-citrusy, almost fruity, taste that it likewise felt like drinking Sprite or 7-Up! My friend wasn't kidding when she said Tanduay Ice tastes good because it does!

After a bottle, I definitely felt tipsy and a little woozy. Well, of course, it is the non-drinker in me.
Bring out the bottle opener and start enjoying. Ooops, remember to drink in moderation, okay?


  1. when i was in manila for vacation my friends were boasting about it and then i tried. I love Tanduay Ice. too bad we dont have a single drop of alcohol in Riyadh.

  2. Krishna, well, at least there is something to look forward to on you vacay to manila. ;)

  3. uy interesting! makapag-try nga pag-uwi! :D

  4. SYEL, yes, pero in moderation ha. may tama din sha kahit 5% lang. :)) pero sarap kasi eh. parang cocktail drink na straight from the bottle. ;)

  5. Where is Tanduay Ice Alcomix when we where in college trying to unwind after finals with Tanduay (lapad lang ang kaya namin nuon)with coke and plenty of ice?

  6. bertN, Rum coke on the rocks pala kayo before. :) i never really learned how to drink. parang ang saya. ;) lots of new drinks are now available in the market. matindi na din ang competition ng alcomixes. ;)

  7. Tanduay Ice is my favorite drink along with my friends pag umuuwi akong probinsya, dahil libre kami sa resto ng friend ko. Haha. Ingat nga lang dito since you won't really know na lasing ka na pala dahil sarap nyang inumin. :)

  8. CEDRIC, so true! para lang shang seven up or sprite with a twist.. yun pala, twisted na ang lakad mo pagtayo kasi lakas ng tama! LOL!