Friday, April 1, 2011

What To Do With Leftover Carbonara Sauce

I made creamy chicken mushroom carbonara pasta the other night and there was a lot of leftover sauce. I asked my friends for suggestions on what I could do with it and got some very delicious ideas!

.... poured it over a couple of slices of warm toasty bread and, voila... perfect breakfast treat!

... poured it over steamed rice... topped it with grated quickmelt cheese and popped it in the oven toaster... delicious!


  1. This looks very very nice and i`m pretty sure that tastes delicious, am i right?

  2. Aer Conditionat, you're right, the dishes were delicious. same carbonara goodness, with a twist. different textures, but same great taste. thanks for dropping by.

  3. yum! nagutom na naman ako! pero i want to stay away from creamy sauces eh, puro aglio olio lang ako! hahaha! :D

  4. SYEL, i should stay away, too... kaya lang, masarap eh. hahaha.. besides, mas mura ang all purpose cream kesa sa olive oil! hahaha....

  5. The one on top of rice looks like chicken a la king of Greenwich. Wee! I'm excited to try that! :)

  6. MADZ, that was exactly the 'look' i was aiming for! but when it is homemade, it definitely tastes better than when it is served anywhere else. naks!
    try this.. im sure masarap yang luto mo!