Monday, August 20, 2007

Fern C

I was never really fond of taking vitamins ever. It was just a ritual for me when I was young, that I had to take some supplements everyday. This was until I learned about Fern C, a new Vitamin C preparation that is out in the market this year.

A lady dentist friend, who was selling it and part of the networking, introduced me to Fern C, promoting all the neat stuff about it... about how effective it is in increasing one's immune system, about how it prevents colds and flu, how it promotes wound healing, and a whole gamut of other positive things about it.

Since she was a dear friend, I didn't want to turn her down so I bought from her, much to my skepticism. And to my suprise, Fern C really worked! It does! I had colds at that time so I took Fern C like she told me. And I was really amazed that my colds was gone in no time! Plus, I did feel a lot stronger. No kidding! I wasn't expecting it to work, but it did!
Fern C (Sodium Ascorbate) comes in a box of 100 or a tile of 10 capsules. It is a white tasteless powder in a dark brown capsule. You may drink it like a regular capsule or dissolve it in any drink for your kids. It boasts of being non-acidic, thus, it doesn't cause any abdominal discomfort.

Now, everyone in my family, from the oldest to the youngest, takes Fern C daily. No, I am not part of the network and I am not selling, and this is not a paid blog. But I had to talk about Fern C if only to promote how good a product it is. And it really is!

Now it can really be said, that a Fern C capsule a day helps to keep the doctor away.


  1. hi. saw this link from GT.
    very nice entry.
    pictures are so cute.
    pwedeng gawing ad ;)

  2. thanks for the kind words, sis blueberrycheesecake! im so happy with my dolls. they really spice up my photos... they transform the ordinary shots to pure fun fun fun... :-)
    o more power to GT natin ha.. see you there!

  3. Love these dolls. I get my vitamins from GNC.

  4. thanks for dropping by, senorE! i love me dolls, too. they sure liven up my otherwise boring shots.. haha...
    it is good that youre taking your vitamins... health is wealth, right!

  5. Hi Doc! Too bad this is my first time to visit your blog =( But then cute pa din as usual. The photo were (I dont know her name) holds a capsule is way too cute! hihihi.

    basa basa muna ko! Ja ne!

  6. thanks, giz. si mayura yang may hawak na capsule. cute no!

    actually, sa totoo lang, it is FernC thats supposed to star dito sa blog entry ko... kaso, agaw eksena ang dolls! hahaha..

    but seriously sis, kung may relatives ka here in manila going there, magpadala ka nito and take it. it is really good. lalo for your kids. magaling magpalakas ng immune system. i never believed in vitamins, but because of Fern C, i now do. ;-)

  7. Pwede pala yan sa kids, sige nga. Meron sila tine-take multivitamins...mahal!!! lol. Nakita ko sa iba meron nabibili same contents naman...kelangan ko talaga para sa kanila b12 pampatangkad. Pero ok din to, lahat kami ngayon me ubo at sipon dahil madaling araw at umaga umuulan tapos umiinit na later on...masakit lalamunan namin at iba na

    Thanks sa recommendation Doc!

  8. naku totoo sis. im not just saying this because mon and i are taking this...pero effective sha talaga... it has been a while since nag colds kami... or kung mag colds man, quick lang and hindi severe.. as in.
    o sige, grabe the chance when you can get this brand sana... pero continue your kids' multivits ha..
    o stay healthy ha... doctors orders, giz! ;-)

  9. The last pic is so cute! Galing ah!

  10. thanks, sis mindy! o dont forget to look at the vitamins! and take them ha! ;-)

  11. wow!

    im speechless when i read this entry of yours sis... kasi ba naman kaname ko.. FERN.. heheheheh.. natutuwa ako that i already have brands for vitamins(LOL!) joke lang..

    by the way, ill try to find this out and try to take this vitamin, i havent taken any vitamin c these days na rin kasi coz, sleepy yung result sa akin like ceecon and poten-c which i dont like.. heheheh.. weird no? but ill try this one.. thanks sis for posting...and the infos

  12. ***stubborn taurean***, thanks for passing by... take your Fern C, Fern. hehehe.. terno nga sa name mo no.. sounds good! i used to take poten-cee pero ever since i tried FernC, ive switched. i hope it does work for you din, Fern.
    see ya!

  13. How much are they?

    Love those dolls. Very cute.

  14. photowalker, the dolls or the vitamins? heheheh... the vitamins are P500 for a box of 100. the dolls are, too. theyre very cute indeed. thanks. they brighten up my photos always.

    kawawa nga the vitamins in this blog entry eh... mas napansin ang mga dolls ko. hahaha...

  15. sis magkano bili mo? mukhang maganda ah. bili nga ako kasi hina resistensya ko at napakadali ko dapuan ng sakit lalo na ang cold. pansin mo ba? pangalawa ko ng comment to sa blog mo, galing talaga ng safari. hay sa wakas makakacomment na uli ako dito. :)

  16. lovingsue,
    P500 a box sis. kasi sa agent ako bumibili. pero kung sa watsons, P7. per cap sha. try mo muna two weeks. sana makahiyang mo. now that im recuperating from my gastroenteritis, im glad i have fernc para mas mabilis ang recovery ko. glad you can post now! yey!

  17. hi sis, can i buy from your agent? gusto ko rin kasi magpamember so i can avail fern-c at a cheaper price. my mom has a health prob, may this vits. can help her.

    Tnx sis. here's my number 09213116800

  18. I like your blog and pictures. i'm a fern fanatic too!!! :)

    Visit me here also

  19. great post. i will be back to read some more.