Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mad About Crabs

If there is one seafood I would never tire of eating, that would be crabs. And one of the better places to find them live and aligue-packed just the way we all want them is at Aani Weekend Market in Taguig.

They are in separate bins... the males, the females and the bakla. My mom taught me how to tell the crab's sex thru the flap in its underside.

The female's flap is rounder and darker (left photo) and the male's flap is straighter and whiter. The bakla's flap (right photo) is a mix of the two, less round, less pointed.

Part of the fun is in picking the crabs, myself. My suking tindera helps me out by peeking inside the crab to check if it is aligue-han or not.

From the bin..... off to my steamer..... and on to the table, bright red and steaming hot!

This is the bakla variety. The taba is brownish, soggy and mushy but very very tasty.

This is the female variety. The taba is the traditional aligue we know, firmer and orange.
For a crab lover like me, I will take anything as long as it is as aligue-han and as fresh as these.


  1. gita....
    we've got to stop meeting like this.
    tataba ako!

  2. Paulding, thanks for passing by. katawa ka talaga! your site never fails to perk up my day, everyday yan ha! ;-)

  3. Uy, natuloy din ang crab post mo. =)

    Nakakagutom nga, Gita. =)

    Btw, I tagged you pala. =)

  4. mas masarap yung bakla hehe

    evil aligue.

    thanks for dropping by my blog and for those nice comments

    will link you up

  5. houseband00, yup. natuloy din. ive had the photos for almost a week na before i finally blogged about it.
    let me work on that tag... it might take awhile though.
    thanks for dropping by.

    tutubi, ako, maski ano, basta crab.
    thanks, for dropping by too. your blog deserves those nice commnents.

    photowalker, i seldom peek at my blogpage with the crabs... hehehe.. my hunger center gets all stirred up! haha...

  6. Sarap! Natatakam ako!

    I remember the first time I cooked crabs. Being newly married, I knew was completely illiterate in the kitchen. In steaming the crabs, I foolishly removed the "tali". They crawled out of the pot! Ay, naku! disaster. hehehe.

    Thanks for visiting my site, Gita! :)

  7. kakatuwa naman ang first encounter mo with the crustaceans! hahaha... well, i guess married life is really a lifelong educational trip, diba. we stop learning only when we stop breathing.

    BTW, im relieved that my comment at your blog was posted... for a while i thought wordpress was going to consider it spam like it said in the prompt...

    be visiting you more often, rhodora.

  8. My heart! Fat, lumpy, spongy, orange crab coral! Absofarkingtasticalutely the love. Oh Gita, my heart skipped a beat sa entry mo.

  9. thanks for dropping by, kaoko! hehehe.. eto nga, tinutunaw ko pa ang cholesterol na nakabalot sa my heart ko ngayon, hahaha....
    i just love crabs! ;-)

  10. lolz....didnt knew 'til now about crab genders...thanks! hihi...

  11. may gender din sila, giz. pero yung bakla, lately ko din lang nalaman na meron nyan....

  12. Yun nga, what I meant meron palang bakla...meron nga talaga gender as for propagation pero un bakla nagulat naman ako. lol.

  13. o diba sis giz, bago to.. bading na crab. hehehe..