Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Tea Square's Breadbites

They are called breadbites. 6-inch breadsticks with cheese filling and more. It comes in different flavors: chicken mushroom pesto, bacon cheeseburger, garlic tomato, plain cheese and pepperoni mushroom melt! I tried one and I loved it.

I got myself a frozen pack of ten in assorted flavors so my husband and I could try them all. The breadsticks are so cutely color-dotted according to flavor.

Just plop them into your oventoaster for 3 to 5 minutes until they turn golden brown and you've got yourself one delicious snack to go with your favorite drink! It is crispy on the outside and chewy tasty on the inside! Yummy!

Breadbites are sold at the TEA square booths inside malls around the Metro.


  1. tea square is owned by an engineering student then

    lagi may dala T-Square, thus the name :)

  2. hehehe. that was a funny background. ;)anyway, kakagutom naman to sis.(tulo na laway ko eh kung pwede ko nga lang kagatin yung monitor ko ginawa ko na) hehehe.

  3. thanks for that trivia, tutubi. makes sense why the name no...

    lovingsue, wag mo kagatin! baka ma scratch ang monitor mo! baka mabakli pa ipin mo....hahaha...

  4. Ay I love this one!

    Old Spaghetti House calls their breadsticks - Cheese Logs. It doesn't come with any flavor, cheese lang. Pero it comes with a dip (tomato sauce and something else).

    Maraming nagbebenta nito sa GT dati. I don't know if meron pa ngayon. They call it Mantou.

    I get a steady supply from my cousin who gets it from a supplier naman in Makati (140/bag with 10 sticks). I don't know lang nga where in Makati. Pambaon kasi ng anak ko. Kaso nasawa na yata. LOL!

    I sometimes make my own tomato dip, parang sa Old Spaghetti. :)

  5. yes, sis mindy, these mantou sticks were mentioned sa GT forum natin diba? kaya lang, mas accessible ang Market market booth nila for me eh.
    i dont stock up on this. baka nga kasi magsawa kami agad. one a month siguro pwede na ang isang pack. diba. :-)

  6. They look good after having the cheese melted in the microwave.

    Have to try this sometime. I think I'm going to enjoy them during my DVd marathon.

    How much are they?

  7. it is so affordable at P20 each. but if you get one pack of 10, P160 lang sha. not bad!
    o, ingat sa pagkain ha.. ang diet! haha.. thanks for dropping by...

  8. hi gita! check out frozen food section...they have a cheaper version of this, iba-ibang flavor. :)

  9. thanks for the tip, jengkie. shempre kung saan mas mura, kung kasing sarap din lang, dun tayo diba! hehehe... iba na ang practical these days, diba, sis! TY!