Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lumpiang Gulay

We all know how a lumpia looks like. But have you seen how one is made? This lumpiang gulay is one of the reasons why I love going to Aani Weekend Market.

My suki let me take shots as he prepared my lumpia... Let the show begin!

This is the heart of the roll... the delicious healthy mix of sauteed vegetables...

And these are the added treats that give the lumpia the kick... coarsely pounded greaseless peanuts (left photo), wansuy leaves (middle photo) and , those white strings (left photo) are bihon noodles admixed with dried nori. Yes, the same nori that we use in japanese cooking. The final touch, of course, is the coarsely chopped fresh garlic.

And now comes the finale... the folding and the rolling...

I have always wondered how they are able to put each roll neatly and perfectly into each plastic pouch. Here is the trick... each plastic pouch hangs by a ring in this contraption, eagerly awaiting for each roll to arrive.

Everything was done in just a minute! Much as it looks easy to do, I'm okay with buying them ready and to-go.

Voila! My lumpia is ready!


  1. uy sarap naman! that's also a favorite of mine. i like mine with A LOT of garlic =) haven't had one of these in months.

  2. Now this, we have a lot in Binondo. Big servings too.

    There's a resto here called Cafe Polland that reinvented this old favorite. It's called "Fuzion". It's basically the lumpia minus the wrapper but with pork flakes and a teriyaki vinigrette and some vegetable.

    I have a picture of it in my food trip post.

  3. it is very healthy, diba, ryan! all that gulay, and our favorite, bawang! ako naman, i hate the wansuy. amoy ewan, hehehe.. i always tell my suki not to put in any, and put in more bawang instead... talaap!

    yes, Photowalker, it was, indeed, in Binondo where i got my first taste of this when i was younger! my mom used to teach in Chiang Kai Shiek College so we were always in Binondo. There was this restaurant, Ha Yuan, near CKSC, that served this and we always loved it whenever Mama brought some home.
    im glad there is a "nearer" version of the Lumpia here at our friendly weekend market! ;-)

  4. Hi! Where is the Aani market? Is this weekend market in Tesda?

  5. hi, tina! Aani market used to be in Tesda compound. but they moved na inside Food Terminal Compound in Taguig. FTI.
    thanks for passing by!

  6. Chinese Style Lumpia! Yummy!! You should try Little Store's version - yummy sha!! :) Nasa San Juan lang nga.. Kinda far ata from you.. Hii.. :)

  7. yummy no! san ba ang Little Store? is it anywhere near Greenhills? malay mo makadaan kami... alam mo naman, all for the love of good food! ;_0 thanks for dropping by...