Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Little Tehran

It is a small Persian restaurant here in the south, along Dona Soledad Avenue in Better Living Subdivision. Hearing so much good feedback about it, Mon and I decided to check it out for oursleves one night.

It is as small as it looks from the outside. I can count only about 4-5 small tables-for-two inside. The interiors weren't really all that Persian in motif.

We picked the farthest table by the window. More knick-knacks brighten up the walls.

The soup and the salad were the side dishes that came with our dish. The soup was tasty. Beef stock with herbs and spices. The salad was fresh cuts of tomato, onions and cucumber.

We ordered their Beef Biryani (left foto) which came with the side dishes. We wanted to try their Lamb dishes but unfortunately for us, they didnt have lamb that night. It is this tall mound of 'orange saffron' rice with large chunks of beef inside, seasoned and cooked the Persian way. We also had the Tomato Beef Onion Dish (right foto) which Mon enjoyed more than the Biryani.
We also tried their Beef Kebab. This was their version of barbecue save for the skewers. Plus, the beef is ground and seasoned, then molded to shape like so. This one, I liked.

We can't leave this restaurant without bringing home their famous Shawarma which I must say is one of the better tasting I have tried.
All in all, it was a good eat. Not the best but good. A bit pricey too, I think. But maybe we will come back for seconds, though not real soon.


  1. Wow, super fave ko ang shawarma! Yum!

    Naku, hirap dumalaw dito sa site mo. Nagki-crave ako tuloy sa food! lol!

  2. it has been mostly about food lately, i know. di ako mashado maka gala so im stuck with blogging about food. hahaha...
    ako din, one of my faves to. complete meal na kasi ang shawarma by itself diba. healthy pa!

    thanks for dropping by too, rhodora.

  3. hi gita!

    yum shawarma! have you tried bizhan kazemi's shawarma na? we did a feature on it before and i was surprised at the number of die hard fans who commented. :)

    the beef kebab looks good!

  4. hi, betty. havent tried bizhan's yet. but coming from you, im sure it is mighty good.
    mon and i are not very adventurous eaters. simple lang. in fact, Little Tehran was our first Persian venture.

    yea, the beef kebab was good. funny though that i felt like biting into an elongated burger patty when i was eating it. haha...

  5. This place looks interesting. Do they have a branch here in Manila?

    The Shawarma looks so good!! That's why I don't visit here very often. I always get hungry.

  6. im not sure if they have branches other than the one here in the south, photowalker... ill try to find out.

    oh yes, their shawarma is good. comes in different sizes too... depending on how hungry you are.

    thanks for passing by... dont we just love photos of good food! :-)

  7. Hi! Where exactly along Dona Soledad is Little Tehran? Is that the one next to Unionbank (formerly I-Bank)? :)

  8. lorie, yes, thats the one. have you tried it?

  9. Hi Gita! Unfortunately, I haven't tried it yet. My friends and I have been wondering about it, though and we're planning to make the rounds of restaurants/eateries along Dona Soledad next weekend (a monthly food trip thing). I'm a fan of Persian, Indian, and Mediterranean food. So far, the best shawarma I have eaten is the one outside Virra Mall and Ababu in Teacher's Village had the best hummus and ox brain I've eaten. :)

  10. lorie, do you mean Food Channel near Virra Mall? i love that too! sige, let me know if you get the chance to try Little Tehran. rate the food ha. i guess youll be the better judge than me. ;-)

  11. wala na sila dun :( saan kaya sila nalipat :(

    1. oo nga, Anonymous. Chicken wings restau na sha now. Nung una, it became another shawarma place. pero mukang hindi nag click. so now, chicken wings na ang place.
      unfortunately, i dont know wherer they moved or if they reopened elsewhere. :(