Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prawns In Soy Sauce

I am not a great cook, though just like everyone else, I try to be. I like recipes that are simple to do with a relatively short list of easy-to-find ingredients. And here is another quick-fix but definitely not short-in-taste dish that I love to prepare for Mon. It is so easy that even a child can do this.

Simply marinate the prawns in soy sauce and calamansi juice for a few minutes.

In a small wok, saute ginger slices , minced garlic and onion slices.

Just add in the prawns and its marinade into the wok and cover. Wait for it to cook through.
A teaspoon or more of sugar can now be added to adjust the dish to your taste. At this point, leeks or spring onions may be added. Unfortunately, I was out of it last night.

Just before turning off the heat, add cornstarch dissolved in water to thicken the sauce. When the sauce has thickened enough, simply pour the entire dish onto the serving plate and serve hot. Enjoy!

Take my word for it..... simple, very quick and delicious! Try it!


  1. Super favorite to ng family ko. :) :) What I do is marinate ko sa soysauce, bawang and calamansi. (yung shrimp pala tinatanggalan ko na ng balat pero yung head iwan ko.) tapos, fry ko sa wok by batches.pagkatapos gisa ako ng sangkatutak na bawang(I used sesame oil pag nag gigisa na ako para super bango and iba lasa nya pag yun gamit ko) then lagyan ko ng sugar, salt, pepper and chili paste(gawa ko)then add ko na yung shrimp.di ko tinatakpan yung wok. tapos dagdagan ko din sya ng spring onion(from our mini garden) then serve it na with soysauce and calamansi on the side.

  2. my family also loves shrimp! they love it when i cook it with seven up and lots of garlic and some butter..yummy! will try your recipe soon!!

  3. ooops forgot to add that i also put some tomato catsup for color and a dash of pepper ,sugar and salt to taste since i have kids.. we just put the tabasco sauce in a separate serving dish para spicy yung amin ni hubby.. :)

  4. bytchgoddess and lovingsue, pare pareho pala tayo na favorite ang shrimps and prawns! i think they are so good kasi any way you cook them... steamed, baked, sauteed, even just for cocktails...
    ill try all your different techniques too... will add new welcome twist to my recipe... thanks!

  5. wow. sarap!.. pero pero allergic ako sa hipon... ~_~

  6. Hey thanks for the quick meal tip! Tamang-tama I bought shrimps kanina and I am still trying to figure out what to do with it. I'll try making shrimps in soy sauce tomorrow for my husband. This is very helpful to me coz I don't even know how to cook :)

    Vera / Thea

  7. i love hipon din! my favorite is ginataang hipon either with pinya or kamias :)

  8. mimi, try it na lang with crabs or fish kaya. ive tried it with crabs, ok din sha... ;-)

    vera, thanks for dropping by. and good luck sa dinner! you can do it, im sure. ;-)

    tutubi, naku, isa pa yang guinataang hipon na yan! favorite din... hindi nga lang ako marunong gumamit ng gata... :-(

  9. Hi bugs! JUst dropping by your blog..since both my bro and Mindy visit your blog regularly. Ako pa lang hindi =) I'm from GT too, btw.

    Hey, a foodie blog! Nice pics! Keep those recipes coming!

  10. sis di ko alam kung saan ko ippost to kaya dito na lang. regarding dun sa gata ganito ginagawa ko:

    traditional: syempre yung gata mismo.
    tinatamad:gamit ko eh yung nabibili na instant gata and evaporated milk.
    substitute:at pag walang gata at instant gata, evaporated milk lang.

    Additional ingredients:

    Meaty seasoning
    A little bit of white sugar
    Pork cubes

    How to:

    yung sa tinatamad at substitute, pareho lang ng procedure, igisa ko sibuyas bawang, then add pork(minsan wala pa pork kasi meron naman meaty seasoning, believe me hindi mo malalasahan na wala pork) tapos add yung gulay and hipon(halabos nga pala to) then add yung 2 cups water with knorr cubes and instant gata. Pakuluin pero wag tatakpan. Pag kumulo na add yung meaty seasoning, black pepper, sugar, and 1 can evaporated milk. No need to add salt. Pakuluin uli hanggang sa maluto. Kainan na! dami ko na naloko dito sa recipe na to kasi akala nila gata talaga. Di nila alam gatas lang. :)

  11. uy, leeney, so good of you to come by! fellow GTs are forever welcome here! im glad you like the pics. i try to let my pics tell my stories for me as much as i can.
    actually, my blog really is all about anything. lately nga lang, puro food ang napopost ko. not much to do around but eat kasi eh. hahaha... keep in touch ha! see ya at GT!

    lovingsue, mukang must-try nga recipe mo a... directions pa lang, masarap na! hipon na lnag siguro, wag na prawns para mas tipid. hehehe.. thanks ha!

  12. i love prawns. though we usually make it sinigang or cooked in butter and garlic.. yumm :D

  13. u8mypinkcookies, ako naman, bast prawns, maski papano lutuin, love ko. buti na lang i dont have allergies sa kanya. ;-)