Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yellow Cab Pizza

It has been quite some time since Mon and I had Yellow Cab Pizza. We decided to check out the Dona Soledad Branch in Paranaque the other night.

Self-service... Fast...Friendly. Not bad.

The place is still well-lit and inviting with cool interiors.

We ordered the 10-inch New York's Finest pizza which came inside their signature YCP box.

Their pizza is actually good. I guess any pizza served hot would be good. A bit on the salty side though when compared with Brooklyn Pizza.

I eat my pizza with my fingers so forks and knives weren't really necessary. It would have been better though if they served real ones rather than disposable ones.

Oh, and they have the most adorable delivery scooters in town!

Surely, this wouldn't be our last trip to Yellow Cab Pizza.


  1. I love their pizza with 4 flavors. Usually order take out, I've only dined in once before at the Tomas Morato branch. BTW, the pizza was featured in My Best Friend's Girlfriend.

    And a happy birthday to you, dear. Enjoy your day.

  2. i like Yellow Cab, most especially their Hot Wings.

    naku, sabi ko na nga eh. mukhang magkapitbahay tayo. lol. i've been to that Yellow Cab branch several times na. :-)

    i like the pic of the scooters, btw.

  3. one of my faves! NY Classic or Manhattan Meatlovers and Charlie Chan pasta!! winner! :D

  4. My favorite is roasted garlic with shrimps. I usually don't eat the edges of pizza (Greenwich or Shakeys) but when I order Yellow Cab, I eat everything because the dough's good too! I'm happy we have a branch here in Bacolod City.

  5. Doc Gita, that pizza looks yummy! Is that a new pizza place in Manila?

    Happy Birthday (again) hehe. Beautiful photos :)

  6. I love their pizza! Reminds me of my first time to eat Yellow Cab pizza, pepperoni and cheese, at SM Baguio. I was with a handsome guy ;)


  7. Em Dy, we love that too! yung 4 flavors.. it is like having 4 pizzas in one. yea we usually have ours delivered lang. but sometimes, it is good din to enjoy pizza straight from the oven. ;-)

  8. TipidMeals, sige, meet up tayo one time ha, my dear kapitbahay. ;-)
    the hot wings is a bit too hot for me. pero masarap nga. my hubby loves it.
    dont you just love those scooters! kakatuwa sila on the road, bright and yellow and oh so vintage diba!

  9. u8mypinkcookies, next time, try ko naman past nila as per your recomm. and their ice cream!

  10. bugsybee, ako naman, i love the edges of pizza hut. iba ang crunch and taste. hehehe....
    your in bacolod pala. galeng talaga ng networld no! brings people closer and making this world a not so big place to be. ;-)

    maping, thanks. i think matagal na ang pizza parlor na to... same as new york's YC daw. kaya it has lots of pictures of NYC on the walls. sarap dito. try nyo next time when you visit.

  11. a scientist in the kitchen, uuuuy, sino kaya si mystery cute guy! hehehe... meron pala nito sa baguio! galeng naman...

    photowalker, kain na kasi... treat yourself to pizza! hehehe... ;-)

  12. i also like yellow cab pizza, ang reklamo ko lang minsan (along with the other pizza joints) oily yung dough. gusto ko maraming cheeeeese!

    galing po sa flickr, binalikan ko yung thread ng mga flikcristang blogger :)

  13. sige sis, try mo charlie chan pasta. sarap coz its spicy, tapos may peanuts and chicken strips. you can have shrimps added too! yumm.. nagugutom na ko tuloy! :D

  14. Huwawww ang sarap! wala yatang yellow cab pizza dito..ehehe

  15. Yellow Cab Pizza! Masarap nga ito, although I would rather be treated out kasi medyo pricey for me :-)

  16. zherwin, korek, the more cheese, the better diba! mas yummier! never mind the oil. basta masarap. hahaha... bad me.
    thanks for dropping by! go blospot, go flickr!

    u8mypinkcookies, ok. update kita or email kita pag na try ko na. thanks!

    meowiefotografie, sayang... you should try it. ok sha for a change. kasawa na kasi shakeys, pizza hut and Brooklyn eh.

    watson, yun nga lang, i agree. it is a bit pricier than other pizza chains. i guess mahal ang royalty or franchise nila.

  17. hello guys!! im ryan of yellow cab u.s embassy.. yeah.. u r ol ryt our pizza s d best (its not bcoz i work der) but its true! evrytime n mcharge ako due to wrong make ntitikman ko ang pizza nmen!!hahaha...d ko nmn un cnasadya..but for us ktchen crerw of y.c, its part of our job n mcharge ng pizza.

  18. ryantot, thanks for dropping by. more power to YC and keep up the good work.