Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nokia 6300

I have been a Samsung user for the past 3 years and I have been happy. That is why when the time to replace it with a new one came, I was worried that I might not find another phone that would suit my needs and would make me happy, if not more.

I picked the Nokia 6300 from among the sea of phone models around. It has a sleek slim design that I like with that smooth cool metallic body…. very corporate looking …. And will fit inside even my slimmest tiniest handbag.

It may not have the features that others would want in a phone…. just a 2 megapixel non-flash camera… a decent video… a more than decent mp3 player are the top features…. Which some may not be happy with.

But as long as I can make calls and text messages with it, and as long as it has a bright screen with great colors plus T9 input, I am more than happy. And this phone offers me with so much more, and yet again, not too much. See, I got two… Mon loved it too and decided to get one as well!


  1. Me too. A phone with capacity to text and call is what's important to me. It should be triband too. Beyond that are just perks. Like you, I don't change phones frequently.

  2. Hi Gita, galing ng timing ng entry mo because i'm looking for a good phone. i'm not so much into super features, as long as i can call and text, i'm fine. how much did you buy the phone for? :-)

  3. em dy, yup. the simplicity of this phone is what made me choose it among the many models around. small and light... and yes, it is triband. ;-) i guess my 6300 and i will go a long way too, just like my samsung and i did.

    dyosa, i got it sa GH tiangge lang eh. pero laki kasi difference from the mall stores... this, i got lang for P7500. not bad diba? there are lots of second hand units around. try mo muna all kinds para ma check mo which one you like best.
    happy hunting! happy shopping! ;-)

  4. i just changed phones but only availed ofthe free unit for my plan.not much of a phone freak, i have nokia but i'm partial to SE if camera is the measure :P

  5. hey Gita, sige i'll go to GH one of these days to do some phone hunting. P7,500 is not bad at all. thanks for the tip! :-)

  6. 'te gits gaganda ng model mo ha. :) lalo na yung unang pic na nakaupo yung doll mo. feeling nasa park ha. hehehe :)

  7. tutubi, i have been a samsung loyalist since my D500 until i met 6300. balik nokia ako.
    SE is good too pero i couldnt get used to the controls. camera is great though. but then, i bring my digicam naman daily for blog photo ops anytime. ;-)

    tracy, thanks. ang cucute diba? shempre, dapat cute poses.. cute din ang phone eh. :-)

  8. where did you get those cute figurines, especially the geisha one? XD

  9. leanne, these are Pinky st. dolls. i collect them. theyre available locally here in manila. sa Special Toy Center in Greenhills. sa virra mall. they sell them. they are really adorable. i have to warn you though. once you start buying one, there is no stopping you. ;-)
    i have a blog entry about them.. check this one out...