Friday, February 15, 2008

My Coby

If there is one gadget that I do not regret having bought last year, I would say it is my Coby Dvd Player. It is now one year old and still working fine.

I bought it mainly for its portability. It is like taking a movie with you anywhere you go.... in the car.... in the office.... in the park.... even in the comfort of my bed.... a real practical choice.

I chose the most basic model with the most basic buttons and commands. As long as it plays movies, music and home videos, it is fine by me. It even comes with its own remote control and earplugs.

Ask Ren. That is if you can get her to leave her seat in front of the Coby. She hates to be disturbed during a movie.... Hahaha...


  1. I've always been curious about that brand. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, where did you get that little chair for your model?

  2. Haha, ganda ng scale. Parang full-scale theatre siya for a pinky :D

  3. onga, kulit, sino ba yung model doc?

    I tagged you pala. here

    just post 6 quirky things about yourself hehe...I did mostly foods lol.

  4. photowalker, oh the chair... it is part of a toy set from Li'l Bratz. saw it on sale at Toy Town. thanks for dropping by.

    nina o diba, bagay na bagay!

    g_mirage, si Ren yan. she is my one and only sitting doll. pretty no!
    thanks for the tag. ill try to work on it. ;-)

  5. I was curious of the brand also. That's great after a year and still working fine! You took good care of your things am sure :)

    Oh there she is! cutie photos..cute namang chair na yan hehehe

  6. maping, i guess lahat naman dapat with tender loving care ang paggamit diba. ;-)
    glad you like Ren's photos. i got her chair from Li'l Bratz toyset. ;-)

  7. Curious about the brand too. How much was this? What's your average use?

  8. made me realize, besides not having a credit card, I also don't have a DVD player :(

  9. how much yung brand na yan? pwde na product shoot

  10. em dy, let me see, the first few months i bought it, twas like a movie and a tv series a night... or every other night... depending on how busy days were. now, i dont quite regularly use it na. new hobbies came eh. but i still watch like two movies a week using it... but mostly tv series. at that time, it was sold at 5900... i think it is down to 4900 na lang now.

    tutubi, i guess you dont really love movies that much. but if you do, i suggest you go get a dvd player, portable or not. it is much cheaper than going to the regular moviehouse.

    orange, i got this when it was still selling at P5900. the most basic of all the models. i think this sells for only P4900 na lang at SM... thanks and thanks for dropping by...