Monday, February 11, 2008


I saw this booth by the grocery section of Market Market last week and I gave it a try.

The booth is colorful and eye-catching.

The counter is uncluttered and simple. It offers squid and only squid... either in rings or sticks. And the squid lover in me couldn't resist a bit or two.

I ordered squid rings as this is one of the more popular street foods these days. Surprisingly, Calamares' rings were good; a lot better and tastier (not malansa) than the stuff we buy by the roadside.

It is a bit more pricey than the street calamari but I'll take this one over it anytime.


  1. sarap naman nyan...yung nasa bangketa parang ang sarap din kaso takot ako dun :P

  2. tutubi, the ones sa bangketa smell sooo good.. actually na try ko na... pero im not too comfortable eating them, sa true lang.. yup, katakot din.. medyo malansa and di masarap timpla. i think Calamares is a better less salty and cleaner alternative for a few pesos more. ;-)

  3. Hi squidhead! =) Appear tayo Doc, kahit anong luto ng pusit ok ako! Natry mo na ba yung sobrang liliit na pusit meron lang bell pepper? hihi...hanap ako photos nun lol...hay, tsalap nyan...yung breading ok din?

  4. i looove calamari too! gusto ko sya w/ honey mustard dip! haha. ako rin takot dun sa binebenta sa streets e. hehehe..

  5. i really love to eat pusit but i always end up sick whenever i try eating it :(

  6. ang sarap naman nito!! I miss squid dyan..iba talaga lasa sa Pinas :(

    btw, I'm linking you to my blog, doc! :)


  7. wow ang sarap! adik ako jan pero takot aku sunod sunudin kasi alergic.. ^_^

  8. giz, i like that, squidhead! gandang forum ID.. hehehe.. favorite ko of all na luto is the inihaw ng pusit... mahirap mag grill eh.. dapat hindi overcooked diba.. basta, i love squid... pati dried nyan, or sa snacks... love ko!

    u8mypinkcookies, sweet and sour ang natry ko.. next time, subukan ko naman ang honey mustard mo. after i tried this, ayaw ko na ng streetsold calamari... katakot diba...

    pusa, naku, baka allergic ka sis... how sick ba do you get? diarrhea? rashes? vomiting? iwas ka na lang... whichever way it manifests, mukang allergy yan... my mom in law has the same experience with squid...

    maping, thanks.. will link you up too! ikaw pa!
    i usually just eat squid out. afraid ako mag luto nito.. baka masayang kasi hindi ako sanay.. buy na lang ako ng luto na most of the time. hehehe...

    mimi, naku, iwas talaga if you have allergies... bawiin mo na lang sa ibang seafoods... prawns, s hrimps or maybe crabs na lang.. kasing sarap din naman.. ;-)

    photowalker, they are! promise. at least theyre sold inside the malls and not along the streets... ;-)

  9. Calamares is my favorite,
    hope i get to taste if theres one na in the south..

  10. Hmmm... definitely better than the ones sold in the streets.

  11. marbes, ill let you know if i find one here sa south natin.

    sacchinpink, oo naman... iba na ang sigurado sa health diba. ;-)

  12. yummy pictures.
    for me, best is dried pusit.
    thanks gitz for sharing. di pa ako nakapunta marketmarket.

  13. penumbra, thanks, penumbra. dried pusit is always our side dish whenever i cook gulay. sarap no!
    hmmmm... san kaya tayo mag meet pag nagkita tayo.. Trinoma? Libis? i-plan natin ha... soon! :-)