Thursday, August 28, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

The day was perfectly sunny for a trip to Manila Ocean Park. So we went.

It was a little after lunch when we arrived and we had to line up and wait before we could go in. I find the prices a bit steep though, considering that the place isn't fully operational yet. Good thing we were able to avail of discounts; for senior citizens, manila residents and even SM Advantage cardholders. (So don't forget to bring your IDs and cards with you when you go.)

The different species of marine life forms were fascinating to watch. I mostly took videos rather than photos since the moving animals weren't very easy to capture on still camera... But I managed to take a few.

There were activity and media halls inside.

More fun activities await people at the end of the tour... A restaurant is ready to satisfy the hungry crowd at the end of their tour.

The tour was much shorter than I expected. For the price, I had expected to see more. Well, maybe there'd be more when the place is already fully operational.


  1. I've never been here. The dining area looks good. And expensive too! Is it?

  2. em dy, we went there last july pa. there was still a lot of construction going on. even the parking area isnt done yet. kainis.
    well, yea, i think thats the main dining place. steep prices, correct ka dyan. we settled for the chowking na lang. it's inside din. then sa lobby, there are more food choices pa.
    sa totoo lang, we didnt enjoy that much. twas too small, i think. for the price, hindi ata sulit... better wait na lang until it is fully operational.
    thanks for dropping by..

  3. Looks ok from your pics. How much is the entrance fee?

  4. thanks for sharing Gitz. we plan to go...but maybe later pa. i like your photos.

  5. haven't been there, but i heard lots of rants from friends... thanks for the tip though... will try going there after a few months, might be better... :)

  6. bertN, thanks. glad you like the shots... entrance was about 350-400 i think. i forgot na. we had discounts kasi so i couldnt recall well.
    kainis lang kasi, the place isnt fully operational pero full charge na ata... oh well..

    joy, thanks. do go. pero pag tapos na the whole facility para sulit. unfortunately, they dont have dolphins and whales...

    mikky, yup. like i told joy, go visit when the place is fully operational na. last i heard, theyve added crocs ata.. maybe theyve added more by the time you visit.

  7. Hi! Yup, marami nga kulang and we visited last March pa. Can't imagine it's still not yet finished.

  8. I am sure your family had a fun experience. We did. Although at that time when we went there it was its second day (we are one of those thousands who can't wait until all the facilities are operatinal) so missed some of its current attractions.

    We should be proud of Manila Ocean Park.

  9. shalum, i dont know if they have a target date at all... seems like it is taking so long to fully finish the site.

    traveler on foot, oh yes, we did have fun naman. it was a sunday so there was quite a crowd. took as long too before we got our tickets.
    last i heard, theyve added crocs...

  10. A friend and I laughed about the resto coz its like showcasing sealife and then having you choose what to eat from what you saw =D Kulit ha....asan yung small fishes used to eat feet's dead skin? =D

  11. giz, hahaha.. hindi naman. wide array of choices naman sa menu.. hindi lang seastuff. ;-)
    i didnt take photos ng fish with the feet... medyo na turn off kasi ako na you have to pay pa just to avail of that treat. sana one payment na lang sa entrance like Disney diba...
    besides, liit lang nung area for the feetsoak. maybe next time.