Monday, August 11, 2008

Rai Rai Ken

Japanese food is one of our favorites. And these days, finding a dining place that serves Japanese cuisine is not as difficult as it used to be because Japanese restaurants are practically everywhere now. But finding one with that authentic taste is the tough part.

We tried Rai Rai Ken ramen house and sushi bar at Harbor Square, CCP Complex.

Bright and neat interiors...

Fast service, great food presentation...

The sushi platter is colorful and bright... it looks too pretty to eat.

The kani sticks, salmon and tuna sashimi are our mainstays.

And the Gyudon is my lead star for the night.

Not the best, but for the price, I would say it is okay.


  1. Agree! Ilan beses na rin ako kumain at SM Sucat. Place is clean and you get that Japanese feel....and they deliver :))

  2. dinno, sa megamall naman kami usually. first time namin at the Harbor Square. mas ok sa mega though. i have yet to try sa Sucat. thanks for the tip.

  3. beautiful crisp photos you have there Gitz.

  4. I agree that it's not the best, pero okay ambiance at presyo is pwede na. Gusto ko yung place mat nila. Hehe.

    I only had a chance to eat here twice when a new branch opened up near our place. :)

  5. The one in SM Sucat is not too big. It's in the new building 2nd floor. At least malapit sa atin.

  6. penumbra, i really love to take photos of food kasi. theyre so nice to capture on cam diba. thanks for dropping by. regards to bobong.

    mindy, some renovation ata took place some time ago. baka change of managememtn. we liked the old RRK better. and we prefer mega to harbor square branch.
    yup, the placemat was very eyecatching. ;-)

    dinno, uy! thats great. may malapit pala. thanks for the info.

  7. For AUTHENTIC Japanese food that wont break the bank, check out Nihonbashi. They have a branch in Malate Adriatico Street and in Makati along Pasay Road


  8. ryan, thanks for the tip. ill keep that in mind. ;-)