Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dayrit's II

If there is one other non-roast beef dish at Dayrit's that I love, it would have to be their chorizo macao. Served with achara and plain rice, it is the perfect way to start any day! And that is exactly what I had when we visited Dayrit's at Magallanes one more time. This has always been a favorite of mine!

My Mom and Dad had the Tapa dish which proved to be a good choice as well. The beef was fork tender and very very tasty.

And the perfect way to end a filling meal like this? .... indulging in a tall glass of sago and gulaman!

Ah, one would never run out of things to try at Dayrit's and to favorite!


  1. sago't gulaman! yum! i'm abstaining from red meat pero tempting ang tapa and chorizo.

  2. u8mypinkcookies, try mo when you have the time. sulit naman eh.

    syel, mula bata pa ako, favorite ko na ang chorizo nila... and im glad to find out lately na they havent changed the timpla. sarap pa din sha. same lasa all these years!

  3. Saan ba nakakabila ng chorizo macao na 'yan? Mayroon kaya niyan dito sa amin? It looked so invitingly delicious I am beginning to have a nightmare about it. You sure know how to gustatorily torture people LOL. Just kidding.

  4. bertN, our Dayrit's branch has them. per kilo or per half kilo sha. masarap to, promise. i hope your branch there has them, too. inquire na lang.

  5. mukha ngang sulit, doc! craving for roast beef right now.. making kulit my family pa na we had lunch in dayrit's tomorrow. haha sana pumayag and matuloy if ever.