Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We were in the mood for some native chow on that Sunday when we went to the Flora Filipina Expo '09. near the Quezon City Hall grounds. So after exploring the Expo, Serye Restaurant & Cafe located at the Quezon Memorial Cirle was the best and nearest choice we had.

Serye is a dining place that is both old and new... new, because its branches are among the new places I have seen sprouting around the Metro in the last couple of years... and old, because from what I have heard, Serye is owned and managed by the same family that is behind the success of the Aristocrat Restaurant... definitely not new in the food business, good food business, i.e.Justify Full

The interiors was impressive... woody, bright, cozy and clean.

They have their own line of condiments available for the diners.

Our orders... Sweet and Sour Fish, Kare Kare, Lechon Kawali with both their plain and their famous java rice... The food was cooked well, timplang pinoy talaga, and the servings size was just right.

Did we like Serye? You be the judge.

Will we come back for more? Oh, most definitely yes.


  1. what i usually get is the boneless chicken bbq w/ plain rice :) i get to eat here lang whenever we're at the AVV cuenca bazaar during xmas. kasi may stall sila dun! :P

  2. Believe it or not, I haven't tried Serye yet I often see this in Eastwood whenever I visit the place. I'll try this out soon. :-)

  3. nakakagutom na naman ang post mo doc! well if it's the owner of aristocrat who handles serye then food must be really really good! well proof naman ang pictures eh!parang gusto ko kunin yung kare kare!!!

  4. u8mypinkcookies, same sha as aristocrat no! sarap!

    dyosa, sana you'd like it there, too. just like we did.

    syel, yup yup. serye stands for scrambled Reyes name.. the family behind the Aristocrat fame.

    Shalum, great native cuisine talaga... ;-)