Saturday, March 7, 2009

Husband and Wife

Watching this clip this morning on tv overwhelmed and brought me to tears... such admirable undying love and devotion...


  1. that was really really sweet! you'd rarely see a couple like that.

  2. Pagka naman 60 years na kayong magkasama, maski na enemy mo ay mapapa-iyak ka rin pag mawawala na. I am not referring to George and Barbara but to couples in general - whether they are in or out of love after 60 years of togetherness, you have to shed tears be of sorrow, regret or joy.

  3. shalum, true love diba!

    syel, na touch talaga ako when i saw this...sobraaaa... ayan, napasali tuloy sa blog ko. hahaha..

    bertN, at least bush's tears did genuinely seem like they were tears of love and concern for his other half...
    married for 64 years to the very first person you ever kissed in your life... that is something priceless...

  4. that was so touching... nakakaiyak!

  5. mochi09, sobra! i was so touched talaga, grabe... kaya nga nai-blog ko bigla bigla eh...