Thursday, March 29, 2007

pizzeria Pronto

We had dinner here tonight. The place is small but not cramped. It is one of those little dining places we see in the mall which we never really wanted to try. But tonight, we were adventurous enough to make a go for it. And Im glad we did. We were suprisingly happy with the food!

I just had to ask the staff if that was really a brick oven that they use. Nah, they said it was just for ambiance sake. Haha... That's ok, anyway I got to watch while our pizza was being made.

More shots of the interior.

I ordered their Angel Hair Pesto with Grilled Chicken. I enjoyed it. The chicken was tender and juicy. The pesto was just right. The herbs and spices weren't overwhelming. I wish though that it had some garlic bits on it. I don't know what you call the "bread" that came with it, but it was like a pizza slice without the toppings? In the end, this is now my next best Pesto Pasta to DonHen's.

Finally our pizza which came served on a plate just like in other Italian pizzerias! Or shall I say, my husband's pizza! Save for the smallest slice, he gobbled all of it down, up to the very last crumb. Need I say that he enjoyed it? If you liked Amici's pizzas, you will like this too.

Overall, we would probably pay another visit to pizzeria Pronto. Though the feel of the place falls short from a real Italian place, the taste would probably make up for this. Not bad for a tiny space in the mall.


  1. You should try their Mozzarela cheese sticks. Yummy! :)

  2. Ay, pesto! Nakakagutom naman. Parang wala ata akong nakikitang ganitong resto dito sa QC. Sayang :(

  3. nina, i dont even know kung saang SM meron pa nito eh. SM Bicutan lang ang alam ko. but the food really is surprisingly good for a mall pizzeria!

  4. hello! unfortunately only SM BICUTAN has this. isa palang siya. sana nga makilala siya kase SUPER SARAP nga ng food nila :)

    i would like to thank YOU coz i google'd "pizzeria pronto" coz i needed their logo and ikaw lang ang meron pic! SALAMAT!!

  5. fini, well at least swerte tayo na may malapit na Pronto tayo at SM BICutan diba?!!! yey!
    sige, glad you found your logo... have a nice day!