Friday, March 30, 2007

Teriyaki Boy

We had an early dinner at Teriyaki Boy at the Harbour Plaza Branch, CCP Complex.

The interiors was neat and tidy. The staff was very warm and friendly.

I always get impressed with dining places that have a computerized billing system.

We had the chicken teriyaki don. The chicken was okay. The meat was tender but a little bit bland. I would have wanted more flavor. But I give them a triple AAA for their Japanese rice. It is the real thing.

... this is the aftermath of the storm.


  1. twinnie, you might want to try KIMONO KEN whenever you cruise by Tomas Morato area

    their sashimi and Crispy Sake Salad (the salmon is smoked but you can request for it to be served fresh) is to die for (at least in my standards hah)

    and the price is quite reasonable

  2. may Kimono ken ata sa Fort Strip... masubukan nga pag naka tyempo. thanks for the tip, twinnie!

  3. oops. typo error twinnie. make that Crispy Shake Salad, not Sake.

  4. i like their teriyaki boy chicken and yakisoba.. :D their food is way better than other japanese fastfoods hehe

  5. u8mypinkcookies, lately ko lang na try ang Agedashi Tofu nila. pretty good too!
    we will come back for more for sure. ;-)