Saturday, March 31, 2007

Harbin Ice & Light Festival

This is one of the attractions of the World Light Expo 2007. For an entrance fee of P100, one is treated to a cold and numbing experience literally. Before entering the Ice Lantern Hall, jackets are available for everyone. I suggest you wear them or don't enter at all.

As we entered the heavy main doors, we were immediately welcomed by that blast of cold air from the inside.

What is there too see? Ice sculptures of course.

I think this is a multi-colored igloo...

A buddha?

A dragon...

The initial thrill of that draft of cold air on your face was just that. Initial. After a few minutes, I was dying to leave the hall for dear life! The -18 degrees was not thrilling anymore.

There wasn't a lot to see inside really. The experience of feeling that bitter sting of cold air inside that hall is not much different from the experience I get whenever I defrost my refrigerator. Which reminds me, I should be getting a no-frost soon.

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