Friday, March 16, 2007

Cafe Bec

We had meryenda at Cafe Bec this pm. I read somewhere that its sweets are all from Becky's Kitchen. It was not hard to find since it is right alongside the road and right beside Price Mart at the Fort.
The photo above shows the waiting area when you step into the cafe.

I took a photo of the menu on the wall. i hope you can see the prices... there aren't just cakes. They have pasta too, sandwiches, pizza and even Fruits in Ice Cream.

There are only two small tables inside. just like the one in the photo. A bit small, i think.

This is their chocolate mousse. It wasn't bad. Though I would have wanted it to be a bit less "cakey" and more creamy and "mousse-y".

My husband had the Walnut Prune slice. It was a bit crumbly and tough. But again, it was alright.


  1. I haven't gone to this side of Fort Bonifacio yet to stop for Cafe Bec, but I am really a fan of Becky's Kitchen's brownies. :) Are there any in Cafe Bec?

  2. weyn, our Cafe bec trip was a long long time ago but as far as i can recall, i think they had brownies there... and food for the goods/butterscotch... i hope they still do.
    thanks for dropping by...

  3. parang masarap yung walnut prune cake.. open pala yung cafe bec na yun dun. hehe..

    how much pala the cake slices, doc?

  4. biancs, naku, sorry ha... it has been two years since! nakalimutan ko na talaga... ive even forgotten na how their cakes were... ngek..