Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alpo Classic Chunky

This is Disney's favorite and only favorite food. He used to like dry kibble but after a couple of months, he lost his love for it. I switched to wet dogfood and tried all kinds of brands, in all different flavors, and he only loved Alpo Classic Chunky.

Disney eats twice a day, and 0ne can lasts for two to three days, depending on his appetite. So, I always keep it in stock. Unfortunately, a note on the can I bought just the other day announced that the Classic Chunky is being discontinued by Purina!

So while there are still a few more in stock in stores, I better start weaning Disney off this and introduce a new favorite for his dining pleasure fast!



  1. Hehe ang sosyal ni Disney! Too bad it is getting discontinued.

    We feed our furkids the beef pro pellets lang. Malakas sila kasi kumain so medyo pricey rin if we total the amount we allocate for their food. Pero we give them special viands once in a while, they also love having some sauce or sabaw on their food. :)

  2. MADZ, kaya nga eh... now i have make him like another brand... very picky pa naman itong si disney. oh boy...

    we buy beef pro, too! kibble kasi ang preferred ni margaux, our rottweiler. buti na lang hindi canned ang nagustuhan ni margaux. that will be so gastos! she is big and so takaw pa naman! hahaha...

  3. wow, Disney is a meat eater! the cat house here naman loves to eat chicken which home cooked aside from friskies. demanding, k'se sometimes i have to set aside chicken for them as well, may kahati pa tuloy ako! :D

  4. ate gits, yung mga dogs namin grow up eating variety of foods. We give them pellets mix with rice, vegetables or fruits.during summer, they enjoy eating watermelon and steamed corn. nagulat nga yung friend ko nung nakita nya kung gaano ka excited yung dogs ko pag feeding time. yung dogs nya kasi hindi daw ganun. sabi ko pag ayaw kumain ng dogs nya hayaan nya lang tapos pag hindi pa din ginalaw kunin nya then hayaan magutom. kinabukasan pakainin nya sigurado hindi na yun tatanggi. :)

    sosyal talaga etong si disney. :)

  5. SYEL, the things we do for our pets! bigay lahat basta pwede diba.. kahati talgaa sila sa budget ng grocery and pamalengke... hehehe i love it when i see them enjoying their meals! sarap ng feeling!

    TRACY, naku, kasi naman ang sarap mo magluto! kaya pati pets mo, sarap din siguro timpla ng food nila...
    may days-off din ang appetite ni disney. but bawi naman the ff day. nag eemote lang minsan, hahaha...