Saturday, March 26, 2011

Selecta's Hersheys Collection: Milk Chocolate with Almonds

One of the tried and tested ways to beat the summer heat is by indulging in ice cream. This we did the other day when we bought a tub of frozen goodness. With the many different brands in the market now, picking out the flavor isn't easy anymore.

Selecta's Milk Chocolate with Almonds from their Hershey's Collection looked good. It was Hershey's milk chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate chips, roasted almonds and real chocolate swirls. How can that go wrong!
Plus, I like the look and feel of the tub Selecta used. :))

And after several scoops that afternoon, we were right about it! We did get to beat the summer heat deliciously and delightfully!



  1. Yummmm this looks so good! My cravings for halo-halo and ice cream and all things cold are getting more and more frequent these days - a sign that summer has set in! :-)

  2. Manila Girl, this tub does taste as good as it looks. thanks for dropping by. and have a great summer ahead! ;)

  3. Ohhh... I love this flavor too. We have yet to try out the Reese's Peanut flavored one but I'm sure it'll be just as delicious. I like it when we're given more options with our ice cream flavors these days.:)

  4. RoSe, sarap diba! they didn't scrimp on the almonds diba! and the chocolateyness is just right!
    yup, im happy for the ice cream competition in the market. the more the merrier for ice cream lovers like us. :)

  5. [pinkc00kies] , they have other flavors from their H collection.. may Reese's pa and cookies and cream yata... excited kami to try them all. ;)

  6. i hope magkaroon din nyan dito. ngayon lang lumabas yung gold collection nila eh, i'm craving for chocolate truffles. drooling ako! :)

  7. SYEL, naku, na try na namin yang Chocolate Truffles! isa pa yan na very very yummy indeed! halos mas masarap yata yan kesa dito sa Milk Chocolate with ALmonds... try it, dali!