Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chowking and Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken is the latest addition to Chowking's menu. It was only recently that we were able to try this. I wasn't very adventurous that day so I let my hubby try it out.

I decided to go for my usual order, their Yang Chow Fried Rice (no side dish needed) which I always enjoy with at least two packets of their sweet and sour sauce for added flavor.


We also had an order of pork siomai.

Their chili sauce is a must for that extra spicy kick.

After the meal, hubby wasn't jumping up and down over their Orange Chicken. I tried a bite of it and it tasted funny weird to me. I was never quite a fan of adding fruits to my dishes. This one didn't quite work for us. But we still love Chowking. We will stick to the regular items on the menu next time though.


  1. I got to taste it too upon finding that they replaced their sweet & sour pork with this. Like you, I'm not a fan of fruits (pineapples, oranges, etc...) on my savory food.

  2. BADET, i didn't know they replaced S&SP with this, that's sad...
    lemon chicken... pineapple chicken... orange chicken... all dont work for me. i prefer coconut cream pa. i just couldnt separate the taste of the fruit from the dish...
    thanks for dropping by, Badet!

  3. I'm not a fan of Chowking's Orange Chicken either. I can just be happy with their Yang Chow, then mix a spoonful of chili sauce. That, for me, is heaven already! :) BTW, I'm just curious... What camera are you using? Nice photos you have here :)

  4. KAI OF MY PURPLE SPOON, same here! yang chow is already a complete meal by itself, right! me naman, it is perked up with some of their sweet and sour sauce... bliss!

    thanks, im glad you like the photos. im using a 10megapixel ixus 85 camera. point and shoot lang, sis. :))

    thanks for dropping by!

  5. i haven't had chowking yata in the last two years (huli ko pa yata in Jakarta). i'm a ok with fruits on my dishes (basta sour stuff, lemon or pineapple) although i'm a bit apprehensive with orange. although i would't mind trying one :D haven't had proper yang chow rice in a while too :D kakagutom!

  6. SYEL, carry ko pa siguro ang pinya, pero yung orange, and lemon, ayaw ko talaga... di ko maseparate ang lasa nung fruit, hehehe.. mas kaya ko pa ang coconut and coconut cream, hehehe

    mas masarap pa din shempre yang chow sa chinese restaus talaga.. pero pwede nsa ang chowking.

  7. I think I'm going to drop by our local (not really, it is about a 25minute drive) Chowking and find out if they have Yang Chow Fried Rice.

  8. bertBN, i hope they have YCFR there. as well as the other rice varieties we have here which Chao King labels as Chao Fan, meaning fried rice. good luck and i hope you like it, too.

  9. Hi sis, dropping by from GT. I love, love the Yang Chow Fried Rice from Chowking. That's the usual dish I order from there especially when I'm hungry talaga. Sulit talaga because of the flavor and you don't need any side dish any more.

  10. ROSE, hi! stande alone kasi their Yang Chow diba... complete meal na in itself. and yes, timpla is just right. i do add a little chili sauce and some sweet and sour sauce occasionally. but no sidedish for me, either. tipid pa!
    thanks for dropping by, sis!