Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yamazaki: Not just a Japanese Grocery

Located in Little Tokyo, that small patch of Tokyo right in the heart of Makati, right beside Makati Cinema Square, Yamazaki is the place to go for all your Japanese cooking needs.... and more.

Dips.. sauces... ice cream... candy... rice... teas... spices and more, you will find them all here!

And as the title says, it is not just a Japanese grocery. Because off to the side of the store is actually a dinette where you can enjoy delicious authentic Japanese food!

We tried the place and actually enjoyed every bite, every crumb! From the appetizers down to our main courses, each dish was divine and truly Japanese the way it should be (and taste).

Hubby loved this!

So this is how Katsudon should really taste like.

We had to try their Japanese fried rice!

It is pretty easy to tell from our 'aftermath' shot how much we enjoyed our lunch that day.


  1. Gutom!! Everything looks delicious. So far from home lang talaga tong Little Tokyo.

    Ano yung 2 appetizers sa pic?

  2. Gutom!! Everything looks delicious. So far from home lang talaga tong Little Tokyo.

    Ano yung 2 appetizers sa pic?

  3. Gutom!! Everything looks delicious. So far from home lang talaga tong Little Tokyo.

    Ano yung 2 appetizers sa pic?

  4. maam, how about the price? is it suLit?

  5. What is that dish pictured beside the gyozas? :) And would you mind posting how much they cost?

    I've seen other reviews of ramen restaurants in Little Tokyo, and they were quite expensive but worth the price. I am not sure how their supermarket fares though :)

  6. MINDY, baka maligaw kayo sa makati, worth the sidetrip sha. sarap and otentik kasi lahat ng restaus dun sa little tokyo.
    about the appetizers, yung isa, parang gyoza, tapos the other one is parang pickled cabbage ba? or is it labanos.. basta veggie sha. si hubby kumain nun...

    TAWENG, honestly, ang tagal na kasi nitong trip namin to Y... long overdue post, sorry, di ko na talaga marecall. ang sure ko, bill we went over 500bucks, pero less than 800... basta happy kami sa visit kasi masarap sha. will blog about the other restaus there soon. thanks for dropping by, doc!

    THE WEYN, the one beside the gyoza was a pickled veggie eh. i cant quite recall kung labanos or cabbage or turnips... we didnt order it. complementary sha.
    i find the supermarket prices a bit lower than in our regular groceries at the malls. specially the sauces and dips. :)

  7. hhhmmm, bigla ako nag-crave na naman for japanese food! hahaha! the gyozas look appetizing! and the ramen too! i think the other appetizer is pickled daikon (radish). pero parang cabbage din :D never been to that area in makati maybe next time :D

  8. SYEL, try it next time. lots of japanese restaus inside, not just the grocery. ito pa nga ang least sikat eh. the food is great, sis. promise. :)

  9. my ob-gyne highly recommended this store. madalas eto pinag-uusapan namin kasi nga Japanese cuisine is very healthy and keeps the bulge away. we should visit soon. thanks ate. :)

  10. TRACY, korek. healthy eating nga ang japanese cuisine no? less fat. except for their tempura. hehehe.. and i love taste and textures. manamis namis.
    do try Little Tokyo.. daming restaus and stores to choose from doon.

  11. Hmmm... Must visit this one day,

  12. Wiggletoes, good idea... ilagay sa future venues... pati grocery shopping dyan, masaya. :)

  13. So this is the Japanese grocery you were telling me about. I will take note of this, thanks for sharing. For a serious foodie, you sure don't gain weight ha? Inggit ako. Hehe

    1. Yup, K. Ito nga yun. Kabilang side ng Little Tokyo. Sa may arc. Naku, magaling lang ako pumili ng pictures na hindi halata ang aking mga tinatagong kung ano ano. Hahaha. :)