Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going Up

This isn't my usual type of blog post, actually. But when I had my tank filled up yesterday, I just couldn't help but feel scared at how fast fuel prices are rising! (at a rate of almost one peso a week!)

Just a week ago, it was 53php to a liter and now... it is 54.25php! Well that is pretty steep. And rumor has it that the numbers might reach 60php to a liter soon!


  1. That is expensive!! If my conversion is correct,I paid the equivalent of Php43.23/liter when I gassed up at our local gas station this morning and I was bellyaching about the price.

  2. bertN, see! ang mahal dito diba! everyone is really feeling the burden of rising oil prices! not just sa fuel rates.. pati prices ng commodities, electric bills, lahat!
    my sister in arizona is complaining, too, na tumataas din daw dyan! oh boy... when will it ever stop!