Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chinese Medicine

I got this cheap at a Chinese Drugstore in SM Bicutan for only P65. I do not understand a single word/character written on the box, nor on the bottle itself, but I got one anyway, because my dearest friend swears by it.


Seal, check... Expiration date, check...

The leaflet inside the box is, as expected, written in Chinese, too. But I could see 'Ketoconazole' written in a couple of lines.

I now understand why my dear friend recommended this. Two words: It works.


  1. Sorry for being ignorant but what is it for? :P

  2. doc, what do i say to the store clerk if i will go and buy this?

  3. bertN and MADZ, oops. sorry i wasnt able to write about that important detail... ketoconazole is an antifungal drug. so if thats the content (and i hope it really is) of the bottle that the leaflet says, it should work for lesions that 'could' be fungal which are usually dry, scaly and very very itchy... :))

    TAWENG, funny story.. when i bought mine, i had to show the saleslady the mms picture my kumare sent me on my mobile phone.. hahaha i couldnt read anything on the label! when my brother bought for himself naman, he just asked for the gamot for the skin kati. ;))

  4. When i went to the chinese store ang nasabi ko lang, yung nasa red na cylinder po na ginagamit sa rashes.

    I've been trying to find that ingredients of this. While it says ketoconazole, I feel like there's something else pa.

    When I used this whenever I have food skin allergies, it works.

    I'm so sure that's not fungi.

  5. hi, of logging blabbers, my guess is, may steroid content this tube. konti lang siguro. safe dose sha kaya it works wonders.
    thanks for dropping by! be well! :)