Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shakey's, Revisited

When it comes to thin crust pizza, Shakey's remains to be our favorite. We haven't been back there in a while and we miss it. So that afternoon, we paid a visit.

We always order a plate of their famous mojos with ceasar dip to complete our meal. Their mojos are still good, although some of my friends think they're not as good as they used to be. Well, at least they are still not greasy, very tasty and still has that same original breading. We still like their mojos.

We ordered two kinds of pizzas but I was only to take a photo of my favorite, their Garlic and Cheese! It still hasn't changed after several decades.

But their prices have, though. For two pizzas, two sodas and a small plate of mojos, we coughed up over 600php! It does seem that we really haven't visited in a while. It is a good thing, though, that at least only the prices have changed. The food hasn't.


  1. i miss mojos. tried their seafood marinara before, disappointing.

  2. PINKC00KIES, we still like their mojos. pero some of our friends say nag iba na din daw quality...
    sige, we wont dare try the seafood marinara anymore. thanks for the tip. :))

  3. To be honest I really haven't tried their Mojos, haha. BF also finds them quite pricey so I can't persuade him to dine there at all. The last time we did was way back in 2008. :P

  4. I have to agree that the quality of their food remains the same. Your post made me crave for their mojos! :D will visit them soon as well :)

  5. MADZ, favorite namin Shakey's. but we have been so used to opting to have our food delivered. costs us less kasi. so when we dined in after a loooong while of not visiting, nagulat kami. pricier than delivery! i guess we will stick with Home Delivery then.

    YEDY, nothing's changed diba. but im happy that their branches have levelled up in terms of their interiors and stuff. brighter and livelier.
    nice blog you have, too, yedy! thanks for coming.

  6. i haven't been to shakey's in two years! i've just realised it now, and we don't have it here pa naman. made me miss mojos, and the chicken and of course the thin crust pizza! seems like i'm missing a lot of food na!

  7. SYEL, ay wala palang shakey's jan? sayang naman. dibale, pag bakashon mo ulit dito, visit shakey's for sure. ;))